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Isabelle’s Party-Prep Project Gardening Event Guide

The Isabelle’s Party-Prep Project gardening event has begun in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for iOS and Android! It runs from November 1st until November 11th. Learn how to grow event Rosette flowers, catch Flutterbow creatures, and get the full anniversary party furniture set in our complete guide!

Plant and Grow Rosettes to Catch Flutterbows

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Isabelle will speak with you the first time you approach your garden, sharing some of your very first Rosette seeds for free. With your new seeds, just tap on empty dirt plots in your garden to plant and water them. When the timer on a plant ends, the Rosette will bloom!

When Rosettes bloom during Isabelle’s Party-Prep Project, there’s a random chance of a Flutterbow creature spawning on top of the plant. Once a creature is ready and waiting, you’ll have to tap on it to attempt a catch. Then when attempting a catch, there’s another random chance of the catch failing. If you do successfully catch a creature, it will be added to your event task counts for special rewards!

The corresponding Rosette flower and Flutterbow creature matches are as follows:

  • Blue Rosettes spawn Pink Flutterbows
  • Purple Rosettes spawn Yellow Flutterbows
  • Red Rosettes spawn purple Grand Flutterbows and yellow/blue Lovely Flutterbows

To get an idea of your chances of spawning and catching creatures, see the table below for a summary of the rates for this event:

Pink Flutterbow60%80%
Yellow Flutterbow48%69%
Grand Flutterbow30%65%
Lovely Flutterbow20%61%

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How to Get More Rosette Seeds

When you’re all out of Rosette seeds to plant in your garden and need more to continue, there are five ways to get yourself flower seeds for this event:

Complete Tasks for Halloween Rewards

The main goal of this event is to catch Flutterbow creatures in your garden! When you do so, your catches will count towards event tasks that reward celebratory prizes for Pocket Camp’s first anniversary party. Besides the main prizes, you’ll also get First-Anniversary Candles for this month’s seasonal event. Learn more about the candles and their purpose here.

Part 1 Tasks

1-1Catch 3 Pink Flutterbows2 First-Anniversary Candles
1-2Catch 6 Pink Flutterbows
Red Carpet
1-3Catch 10 Pink Flutterbows2 First-Anniversary Candles
1-4Catch 15 Pink Flutterbows2 First-Anniversary Candles
1-5Catch 25 Pink Flutterbows
Party Table
1-6Catch 32 Pink Flutterbows2 First-Anniversary Candles
1-7Catch 40 Pink Flutterbows2 First-Anniversary Candles
1-8Catch 50 Pink Flutterbows
Spicy Party Tray
1-9Catch 65 Pink Flutterbows2 First-Anniversary Candles
1-10Catch 80 Pink Flutterbows
Standing Floral Display
2-1Catch 3 Yellow Flutterbows2 First-Anniversary Candles
2-2Catch 6 Yellow Flutterbows
Red Carpet
2-3Catch 10 Yellow Flutterbows2 First-Anniversary Candles
2-4Catch 16 Yellow Flutterbows
Spicy Party Tray
2-5Catch 20 Yellow Flutterbows2 First-Anniversary Candles
2-6Catch 24 Yellow Flutterbows
Party Table
2-7Catch 30 Yellow Flutterbows2 First-Anniversary Candles
2-8Catch 38 Yellow Flutterbows
Spicy Party Tray
2-9Catch 48 Yellow Flutterbows2 First-Anniversary Candles
2-10Catch 60 Yellow Flutterbows
Standing Floral Display

This table has two pages, click Next to access the second page of tasks!

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Part 2 Tasks

These tasks and rewards are not yet available until Part 2 of the event begins.

3-1Catch 2 Grand Flutterbows
Standing Floral Display
3-2Catch 6 Grand Flutterbows2 First-Anniversary Candles
3-3Catch 10 Grand Flutterbows
Savory Party Tray
3-4Catch 16 Grand Flutterbows2 First-Anniversary Candles
3-5Catch 22 Grand Flutterbows
Standing Floral Display
3-6Catch 30 Grand Flutterbows2 First-Anniversary Candles
3-7Catch 40 Grand Flutterbows
Gold First-Anniv. Lamp
3-8Catch 50 Grand Flutterbows
Gold First-Anniv. Lamp
4-1Catch 1 Lovely Flutterbow
Savory Party Tray
4-2Catch 3 Lovely Flutterbows2 First-Anniversary Candles
4-3Catch 6 Lovely Flutterbows
Savory Party Tray
4-4Catch 10 Lovely Flutterbows
Standing Floral Display
4-5Catch 16 Lovely Flutterbows
Gold First-Anniv. Lamp
4-6Catch 24 Lovely Flutterbows
Standing Floral Display
4-7Catch 32 Lovely FlutterbowsSparkle Stone
4-8Catch 45 Lovely Flutterbows
Pink First-Anniv. Arch

This table has two pages, click Next to access the second page of tasks!

Part 2 Bonus Hard Tasks

This event features an additional set of particularly difficult Hard Tasks in Part 2, which are only unlocked after completing all other tasks above.

3-9Catch 60 Grand Flutterbows
Silver First-Anniv. Lamp
3-10Catch 75 Grand FlutterbowsSparkle Stone
3-11Catch 90 Grand Flutterbows
Silver First-Anniv. Lamp
4-9Catch 55 Lovely Flutterbows
Silver First-Anniv. Lamp
4-10Catch 65 Lovely FlutterbowsSparkle Stone
4-11Catch 80 Lovely Flutterbows
Orange First-Anniv. Arch

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Don’t Forget to Share Your Flutterbows

The essential key to successfully completing a gardening event in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is making full use of the sharing features! Due to recent changes made to spawn and catch rates, it’s even more important than before.

Whenever you have Flutterbows in your inventory after catching them, make sure to share them with friends! Just open your friends list, visit their garden, and place your creatures on any grown Rosettes they have sitting there. After you share, you’ll receive Rosette seeds to help you grow more.

It’s important to know that sharing creatures never negatively effects your personal task counts and rewards — there’s absolutely no reason not to share, you can only benefit! Always share as much as possible to help yourself get more seeds, while helping your friends progress in their own tasks. If you can share creatures back and forth with a buddy, you’ll make great progress!

Complete Event Goals for Leaf Tickets, Essences, and Treats

Isabelle’s Party-Prep Project has plenty of Event Goals available to complete for extra rewards. You’ll get villager essences, bells, materials, villager treats, and most importantly free Leaf Tickets! Note that goals are available in sets, one at a time, with an overall bonus reward for completing each set.

Plant seeds 10 times5 Sporty Essence
Plant seeds 20 times5 Cute Essence
Catch 20 rare creaturesBronze Treat
Harvest flowers 15 times500 Bells
Harvest flowers 30 times500 Bells
Complete all 5 of the above goals (Set 1)5 Leaf Tickets
Harvest flowers 60 times500 Bells
Harvest flowers 100 times500 Bells
Catch 60 rare creaturesBronze Treat
Plant seeds 50 times5 Cool Essence
Plant seeds 80 times5 Natural Essence
Complete all 5 of the above goals (Set 2)5 Leaf Tickets
Catch 100 rare creaturesSilver Treat
Plant seeds 120 times5 Rustic Essence
Plant seeds 160 times5 Hip Essence
Harvest flowers 140 times500 Bells
Harvest flowers 200 times500 Bells
Complete all 5 of the above goals (Set 3)5 Leaf Tickets
Catch 150 rare creaturesSilver Treat
Plant seeds 250 times5 Harmonious Essence
Plant seeds 300 times5 Elegant Essence
Harvest flowers 270 times1000 Bells
Harvest flowers 350 times1000 Bells
Complete all 5 of the above goals (Set 4)5 Leaf Tickets
Harvest flowers 400 times1000 Bells
Harvest flowers 500 times5 Civic Essence
Plant seeds 380 times5 Modern Essence
Plant seeds 450 times5 Historical Essence
Catch 250 rare creaturesGold Treat
Complete all 5 of the above goals (Set 5)10 Leaf Tickets

This table has three pages, click Next to access the second and third page of goals!

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Trade in Flowers for Potted Rosettes, Seeds, Flower Food, and Duplicates

When you’ve harvested lots of Rosettes to make room for growing more, don’t forget to trade them in to Lloid the Gyroid to get the full benefits from your hard work during this event. In terms of furniture, you can exchange your flowers in for potted versions of each plant for 20 matching Rosettes each.

Flower food is available too if you’re looking to speed up future growth of flowers. And if you want extra duplicates of some items, you can get those here too. Most importantly though, you can trade up lower quality Rosettes into higher quality Rosette seeds!

Complete Your Campsite with Matching Anniversary Terrain

Ready to completely celebrate Pocket Camp’s first anniversary? Make sure to check out the terrain menu for a new set of matching anniversary parts! There’s a balloon filled background, an anniversary middle and foreground, a white iron fence, and a party stage deck.

While the anniversary middle piece is mercifully free as a limited-time gift in your mailbox, the other parts all cost tickets adding up to a total of 320 Leaf Tickets unfortunately.

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