Gender-neutral hair and face styles can be changed at any point in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons will feature the most freeing character customization in any mainline Animal Crossing game yet, according to a recent interview with developer Aya Kyogoku.

Speaking to Polygon, Kyogoku revealed that the latest game in the series has entirely gender-free parts for both hairstyles and facial features allowing you to pick from the same shared pool, no matter the gender of your character. Furthermore, she added that they are changeable at any point during your time on your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Here’s the direct quotes of Aya Kyogoku, director of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, straight from Polygon’s article:

“Right from the start, you’ll be able to choose the way you want to look,” Kyogoku said, in an interview with Polygon during E3. “All the facial parts or hairstyles are all gender-free. So you can select from a pool of hairstyles and facial features and then they’re also changeable at any point in the game. So if you feel like a certain way one day, then you can make that change pretty easily.”

Since your hair style and facial features can be changed at any point in the game, we’re definitely wondering how this will take shape in the game. Will there be some sort of new item or location on the island available from the start that can interacted with to enter a character editor, like in Happy Home Designer?

(pictured above: Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s Edit Character screen)

We could also see a simple button in the interface menus to access character editing like in Pocket Camp, but that would feel quite out of place for a mainline Animal Crossing game. And it seems highly unlikely Shampoodle will return in its original form given that the deserted island wouldn’t feature such a shop initially.

Finally, the option to change your player’s skin tone will be made available too as previously confirmed by Kotaku yesterday!

Pre-orders are now open for Animal Crossing: New Horizons at AmazonGameStop, and Best Buy. Stay tuned to Animal Crossing World for more on Animal Crossing: New Horizons as we approach the release date next year.

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I’m really glad about the skin tone options, but the rest makes me a little sad. I liked being confined to only being able to change my hair/face once a day…and I liked going to an actual hairdresser to do it. Just changing my character (who I see as a person who couldn’t possibly change hair/skin/eye colours or even facial features every few seconds) via a menu would be disappointing, for me. I’d miss Shampoodle! It’s not a deal-breaker, of course, but I am more disappointed than pleased by this particular change. Though I’m eager to see what new features… Read more »

Dana W
Dana W

I’m with you to an extent. Once I make a character, everything but hair will be set in stone. I’m glad you can craft a face and not just get one based on three questions. But then again, I’m not everybody. For a lot of people for who AC is basically paper dolls, I can see why they will love this.

Dana W
Dana W

So, no pronouns, or is that going to be something you can set too?

Anabelle Achampong
Anabelle Achampong

Are there any new hairstyles or are they all the same?