Disney-Themed Nintendo Switch in Japan brings hope for Non-Lite Animal Crossing Switch

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A new Disney-themed Nintendo Switch has been announced for release in Japan later this year, and it may bring some hope for those looking forward to an Animal Crossing themed system!

This exciting new Disney Nintendo Switch is themed to the upcoming Disney Tsum Tsum Festival game and comes with two special Joy-Con controllers in pink and purple. These Joy-Cons have a cute background pattern of hearts, diamonds, and other symbols on them.

Meanwhile on the back side of the system itself, a selection of Tsum Tsum faces and the previously mentioned symbols are featured with the game’s logo. And just to top things off, the TV dock packed with this special edition is lined with some more of the Tsum Tsum faces and symbols too.

Finally, the right-side pink Joy-Con has even been designed to place little ears around the HOME button making it resemble a Hidden Mickey HOME button! This is the first time a detail like that has been added to the controllers.

Notably, the new Disney-themed edition is the regular Nintendo Switch with both docked TV and portable handheld modes, not the upcoming Nintendo Switch Lite. In fact, it’s the newly announced version with an upgraded battery life!

This is notable as there’s been quite a bit of speculation going around that the almost inevitable Animal Crossing themed Nintendo Switch system would probably come in the form of a Nintendo Switch Lite, not the regular hybrid model.

The reasoning for this was that Nintendo has previously only released one special edition model on the same level as this Disney-themed system so far, and the Nintendo Switch Lite’s design is naturally more favorable to uniquely themed models, like the past Nintendo 3DS systems for Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

The fact that this year’s blockbuster Pokemon game is getting a themed Nintendo Switch Lite, but nothing for the regular hybrid model, only added to the speculation too.

We’d absolutely love to see a special edition Animal Crossing: New Horizons themed Nintendo Switch just like this one using the same kind of details! A decorated backside of the system, a unique subtle pattern on the Joy-Cons, a decorated TV dock, and perhaps even a similarly decorated HOME button… maybe the leaf symbol?

The Disney Tsum Tsum Festival Set releases in Japan on October 10th and comes with a copy of the associated game. Japanese import site Play-Asia is currently selling pre-orders of the set for $475 USD here. Remember that the Nintendo Switch is fully region-free, so it can be imported if you really love it!

Would you buy an Animal Crossing: New Horizons themed Switch? Would you be more likely to buy one based on the original hybrid model, or the new portable Nintendo Switch Lite? Let us know in the comments below!

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Dana W

I’d consider a full AC Switch. I’d NEVER buy the Switch Light.