Animal Crossing: New Horizons Version 1.2.1 Update Now Available For Download

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A brand new update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been released tonight following brief server maintenance for the game!

Unfortunately, unlike most of the past updates for New Horizons, the official patch notes released by Nintendo are unspecific and very unhelpful as to exactly what changes were made.

UPDATE 05/26: Are you finding this article because you received a prompt to restart your Nintendo Switch when loading up Animal Crossing: New Horizons? That’s actually a system firmware update for your Nintendo Switch operating system — not a game update for New Horizons.

You can find more information about the Version 10.0.3 update for Nintendo Switch at Nintendo of America’s support website, but essentially it’s just improvements to stability and features zero changes to the game.

Wondering what’s coming next for New Horizons? You can look forward to the upcoming Wedding Season event set for release on June 1st next week! Original article follows…

Here’s the official patch notes for Version 1.2.1 of Animal Crossing: New Horizons as released by Nintendo of America below:

Version 1.2.1 Official English Patch Notes

Ver. 1.2.1 (Released May 21, 2020)

The software has been updated if you see “Ver. 1.2.1” in the upper-right corner of the title screen.

General Updates

  • Addressed issues to further ensure an enjoyable gaming experience.

An earlier version of this article contained translated Japanese patch notes, which have since been replaced by the official English notes.

Yeah… detailed! So as expected, we can confirm that some bugs were fixed in Version 1.2.1 of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. What bugs? Who knows for sure!

It’s likely that some of the recently discovered duplication glitches have been fixed up, but we’ve been unable to confirm that yet ourselves. Some reports on social media do indicate the ‘mailbox’ dupe glitch was patched though. On the flip side, those hacked Star Fragment trees seem to be safe so far!

UPDATE: It’s been confirmed that the duplication glitch involving receiving mail with multiple player residents on an island has been fixed in Version 1.2.1.

Because of the vague patch notes, it’s going to take some crowd-sourcing to get down to the details of exactly what changes and fixes this update made to the game, so please feel free to help us and the community out in the comments below by reporting anything you discover.

Please note that you will need to be updated to Version 1.2.1 to play online multiplayer with other players and access other network features going forward after this update. Local multiplayer can only be played with others on the same version of the game as you.

Your copy of the game should update automatically for you, but if for some reason it doesn’t, you can manually trigger the update by pressing the + button on the Animal Crossing: New Horizons home screen icon, selecting Software Update, and hitting Via the Internet.

Of course, you may prefer to avoid the update if you are a fan of exploiting the current duplication glitches and don’t care about being able to access other islands online. For more on Animal Crossing: New Horizons, check out our Guides page here.

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The duplication glitch has actually been patched xD


there’s another one which a youtuber mentioned via sending mail to alt characters from your island, there was ONE dupe glitch was fixed in the first patch. However the community have found even more ways to dupe items!


can you tell us about the new ways? this is a tragedy


Why is the Animal Crossing community so full of toxic cheaters? Seriously just play the game fair….


Why? Because the younger generation of players are selfish, toxic and impatient. They look for any reason to use/abuse other players to get ahead and then cry like someone did them wrong when they don’t get their way. Try playing MMO games with them. They ruin everything and suck the fun out of the room.


bruhhh they can enjoy the game however you want to. don’t hate on people for no good reason.


They enjoy it the way they want to, which is being absolute retards.


pls let me know the new~~


Patched as well


Good! So people have to actually play the game! Swear, what kind of fans does ACNH have? Seems many act as if their above playing a game. I paid off my entire house all 8 inclines and 8 bridges without needing to cheat! And this was in the first month! Guess some don’t like actually having that feeling of satisfaction of completing something. Guess that’s what separates gamers from these people. I hope they patch everything and stop the hacking as well! It ruins the community with trading and eventually someone one will hack things with malicious intent, just like… Read more »

A Villager

Mhh.. I see many points are right. But we should let them play how they want. If that’s their way of enjoying AC games then let them. I mean at the end of the day we can’t change it. The only thing that bugs me is that they duplicate items and try to sell them for a fortune. It’s okay if you cheat if it stays on your island. Just cheat for yourself if that’s what you enjoy. Some people just want to be the first at everything… the first to have 3 inclines, the first to have Raymond, the… Read more »


This is exactly what is wrong with Animal Crossing, the community and the developers of it.
So disgusting and toxic……

Let them play how they want? No ofcourse not. Cheating is cheating. Which should be banned inmediatly. Sadly the devs of AC are too lazy.


Get lost fool people can play how they want. You didnt buy their copy they did and since they bought their game with THEIR money they can do as they please and if it makes them happy let them do it. Also people are down voting you because you really sound like the karen of gaming.


Wow @Bianconeri the devs are doing terrible right now at being at your beck and call, I mean, its almost like a global pandemic crisis is is going on! Get over it, people play to have fun, if thats fun to them, then so be it! Ive never cheated either, fyi.


This isn’t a competitive game. What are you angry about, people getting more items than you? So what if they do? Their behaviour shouldn’t effect your enjoyment of the game.

Newbie villafer

just let them be man, anyone should play the game how they see fit. It’s not a competition so who cares how they play or if they cheat. And if you feel bad because others play the game how they want, you’re the pb to the AC community, not them.


I agree!


ssshhhhhh…let people enjoy things 🙂


Let people enjoy the game.
THE GAME indeed.

A game should be played as it is supposed to be played, so without cheating.
Without the glitches, without the cheats like timetravelling.


time traveling isn’t a cheat btw, the two leads of the game have confirmed it isn’t in past interviews. karen


Seriously. It doesn’t affect anyone else. The toxicity in the players who play how they want. It’s in the player base that gets so ridiculously seething mad over something that doesn’t affect them. This game has almost no story and no competitive component. It’s almost single player except for “come over and look at how pretty my island is”.


Let people dislike things. 🙂

Legit boss

Gurl shush up. If people wana cheat to make the game more enjoyable to them let them idiot. Some game makers even put the cheat in. On purpose

what even

if its on purpose it’s not a cheat lol what kind of logic is that


These ones didn’t though. The dupes were an exploit the developers didn’t want in the game. So that’s a completely invalid argument to input here.


You guessed wrong. People also cheat because they have a busy work life (myself included).


Imagine being this utterly angry at a bunch of people playing a game the way THEY WANT TO! Wtf is this talk about being a “gamer”, anyway? Who cares, honestly. Games are made for everybody and everybody plays games differently. Lmao dude grow up, let people enjoy things. I can’t even imagine how miserable you must be :/

By the way, it’s worst* not worse.


A real gamer does not cheat…..
That has nothing to do with playing the way you like it…..
If you dont like Animal Crossing the way it is designed? Easy: Do not play it.

Cheating is never needed. Cheating is always childish.


bruh gtfo seeing your comments are annoying. you say cheating is childish? dude the way youre acting is childish commenting on every other comment. this forum would be alot less toxic without you here.


Good thing you’re here to gatekeep what a real gamer is. Since that’s the game we’re playing, I’m sure there’s a lot of people who would say the casual games likeAnimal Crossing aren’t even real games.


Cheating is never intended but you should let them cheat. I agree with that but the community is very toxic about it. Also I don’t cheat!

Jeff Gordon

What kind of cheating are you talking about? I’m new to the game and the platform.

Chris Chan

Imagine being this butthurt over a video game

Fuzzly wuzzly

299$ for a system 50$ for a game it’s yours to do what you want.. Play it ..Break it.. Cheat it…i think we’ve all earned that right


Destroying the economy is another issue entirely though. You can play the game how you want, but this duping glitch is bad for the market.


Exactly Binko! A lot of comment seems to be people angry because they can’t “play the game” the way they want too. I have nothing against time travel, and I believe the developers left it in the game as a ‘feature’ but duping would eventually ruin the game’s economy.


What a superiority complex…is your name Karen? Do you need to speak to their manager or something? JK! Just enjoy your game man, like the rest of us. It is all gonna be okay, promise you that.

People like you

What a condescending twat you are.


The rest of us have lives and don’t have the time for slow agonizing monotony. We have lives, boyfriend / girlfriend, houses, Hobbies, school, work, Etc.

I can’t imagine the luxury of having so little going on in my life that I would willingly invite so much stress into it over the way other people choose to play a video game when it doesn’t even affect my own play at all.


You just described the game as “slow, agonizing monotony.” That doesn’t bode well for any argument, fam. Lol. It sounds more like you dislike animal crossing in it’s normal state.


It bodes just fine. That’s what the game is. Long. Slow. With little changing from day to day. You know when RPG players talk about a game being “too grindy”? This is what they’re complaining about.

Now, when I could speed things up to a decent pace it was enjoyable. I could play at the rate I wanted to. And it doesn’t affect your game one bit. Now it’s back to being slow.


Why exactly do you give a damn how anyone else plays the game? Has 0 effect on you. Mind your own freaking business and play how you want. People like you ruin the community more than all the crap you’re complaining about ever could.

Sad potato

The mail duplication glitch made me so sad. I have 400 hours in the game and it’s all been trading. I had a lot of fun doing it. Then people can amass the amount of stuff I had over time in an hour. It’s lame and ruins trading if they take those items and sell them for inflated prices to people who don’t cheat. Duping affects animal crossings player made economy, so don’t act like its just people playing the game they want to, pretending it doesnt affect those they trade with. I’m happy it’s fixed. Nothing against time travelling… Read more »


Yeah but constantly having to wait when you just want to do things like design you’re island is a drag. Not personally a cheater but yeah.


Definitely the mailbox glitches been fixed! Confirmed!


Did the table glitch get patched?






I saw a plane trail or something in the sky after the patch


thats been there lol that happen when someone visit or leaves your island their plane leaves a trail


Or you fly home. Can be either or.

Sarah Durbin

anyone else fishing just trash after update


No. Seem to fish the usual copious amounts of horse mackerels as always…