New Pastel Joy-Cons Colors Coming This Month, Perfect Match For Your Animal Crossing Switch

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Fresh new and fancy pastel colored Joy-Con controllers will be available later this month as an expanded set of color options for Nintendo Switch owners — and potentially a great new matching option for Animal Crossing players!

Releasing alongside the just-announced Everybody 1-2 Switch game on June 30th, Nintendo will be launching four new Pastel Joy-Cons in two different pairs of configurations:

Frustratingly, Nintendo continues to make most Joy-Con color options only available in a single type of Left or Right, making certain color combinations impossible. So, that means you won’t be able to make any Pastel Pink + Purple goodness happen.

A Perfect Match For Animal Crossing Switch Joy-Con

While these new color options are sure to be popular with everyone, Animal Crossing fans in particular might be raising their eyebrows with familiarity! After all, both of the Joy-Cons included with the Special Edition Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo Switch released back in 2020 were a similar pastel tone.

In particular, the Pastel Green Joy-Con (R) looks very similar to the Animal Crossing Joy-Con included with that Switch. Nintendo even referred to it as ‘Pastel Green’ in their official marketing at the time!

However, as difficult as it can be to differentiate colors with photos published online, it does look like they’ve chosen to use a slightly duller green hue for the new 2023 controller compared to the 2020 version. A similar instance occurred with a red Super Mario Odyssey special edition Joy-Con previously, so it wouldn’t be surprising.

For those who own the Animal Crossing: New Horizons special edition console and Joy-Cons though, there are some fun pastel matching opportunities that will now become possible.

You could combine…

  • New Pastel Purple with Animal Crossing Pastel Blue
  • New Pastel Pink with Animal Crossing Pastel Blue
  • New Pastel Green with Animal Crossing Pastel Green
  • New Pastel Yellow with Animal Crossing Pastel Green (ok, a bit weird, but some people like yellow…)

All of the new 2023 pastel Joy-Con colors unfortunately come with Black Joy-Con wrist straps, unlike the white straps included with the Animal Crossing special edition colors. But again, if you own the Animal Crossing ones, you could use them on the new pastel colors!

The new Pastel Joy-Con duo packs will be available on June 30th, 2023 for $79.99 USD or $99.99 CAD. They’re currently sold out at Nintendo’s official store, but GameStop US has the Pastel Purple + Green and Pastel Pink + Yellow sets available for pre-order right now.

Let us know in the comments below if you’ll be picking up either Pastel Joy-Con set — whether for their own standalone use or mixing and match with your Animal Crossing controllers!

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