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Turkey Dinner DLC item now being sent to Japanese Animal Crossing: New Leaf players

7 years ago 9 Comments

It’s almost Thanksgiving and to celebrate Nintendo is sending out a Turkey Dinner DLC item to Japanese players of Animal Crossing: New Leaf through November 22nd. The Turkey Dinner can be placed on a table as seen in the picture.

Simply turn on SpotPass at the Post Office and make sure your Nintendo 3DS is connected to the internet to receive the Turkey Dinner directly from Pete at your door.

Expect more free DLC items such as this in the future. As a reminder, Nintendo has promised they will not charge for any add-on content in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Reminder! Animal Crossing: Sweet Day releases as part of Nintendo Land for the Wii U tomorrow!

7 years ago 5 Comments

You got me. This is an Animal Crossing: New Leaf Blog. But it won’t hurt to talk about Sweet Day for a little bit will it?

For those who haven’t been paying attention, Nintendo’s next generation home console Wii U releases in North America tomorrow. (Nov 30th in Europe, Dec 8th in Japan) One of the first games for the system is Nintendo Land which features mini-games from all of Nintendo’s famous franchises.

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Official Nintendo Magazine (UK) says “Spring 2013” for Animal Crossing: New Leaf

7 years ago 39 Comments

The latest issue of Official Nintendo Magazine (UK) has a 4 page spread about Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Inside the spread, the game is listed as a Spring 2013 release date.

This is pretty in line with what we’ve heard previously (first half of 2013) but I know you guys are hungry for information so I’m posting this anyway. Stay tuned to the Blog for any further updates.

UPDATE: We’ve added a picture of the magazine page thanks to Zaoth from Reddit. (and E765 for notifying us)

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Totaka’s Song has been found in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

7 years ago 6 Comments

It was only a matter of time before this happened. Totaka’s Song has been found in Animal Crossing: New Leaf! When you’re riding Kappn’s boat to the island, it appears the song has a chance of showing up after a while. In this case, the crappy internet connection of the guy playing helped find it.

For those who don’t know, Totaka’s Song is a 19-note tune easter egg found in nearly all of the games that Kazumi Totaka (Animal Crossing’s Sound Director) has composed music for. In fact, it’s thought that K.K. Slider is a tribute to him since in Japanese the character is named “Totakeke” which has a similarity to Totaka.

In the previous Animal Crossing games, if you enter a custom song request “K.K. Song” to K.K. Slider then he will play a version of Totaka’s Song. I do not know if it is the same in New Leaf for sure although it most likely is.

Monolith Soft helped develop Animal Crossing: New Leaf

7 years ago 4 Comments

It seems Monolith Soft had a part in developing Animal Crossing: New Leaf. At the end of the credits rolled during KK Slider’s performance, you can see Monolith Soft listed as taking part. They also helped out with Skyward Sword and Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Sure, this isn’t big news by any means but if you’re familiar with the developer and their games you might find it interesting to know they had a part in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

For those who don’t know, Monolith Soft is a Nintendo-owned developer responsible for the Wii games Xenoblade Chronicles and Disaster: Day of Crisis as well as the Playstation 2 Xenosaga games. They are also hard at work on a future Wii U game.

Deciduous Trees revealed in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

7 years ago 13 Comments

Those looking for a little more realism in their Animal Crossing might like this. It seems that some trees in New Leaf will lose their leaves when you shake them. It could also have something to do with delicious fruit as this was a delicious fruit tree but personally I think it’s a result of the winter season.

Whitney was just visiting Mint’s town and shaking some trees when the leaves fell right off this tree. We’re fairly certain this isn’t a glitch since there was a distinct falling animation and sound effect when the leaves fell off.

What do you guys think of this? Would you want this in your town or avoid them at all costs?