Nintendo Confirms How To Unlock Toy Day Christmas Event On December 24th In Animal Crossing

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The festive Toy Day Event for Christmas Eve will be coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons later this month, and Nintendo has released detailed requirements to ensure the event unlocks properly for everyone!

While the unlock for Thanksgiving’s Turkey Day Event surely went smooth smoothly for the vast majority of players, we personally heard from dozens of fans in our comments, Twitter DMs, and contact emails who ran into trouble.

For those unfortunate fans who weren’t able to get the unlock to perform properly, they missed out on getting to experience the Turkey Day event with Franklin on Thanksgiving, which isn’t fun for anyone.

So in an apparent effort to help avoid a repeat of the same situation for players, Nintendo has released some detailed information today on exactly what you need to do to ensure the Toy Day event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is properly unlocked on December 24th.

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We’ve pretty much figured out how the unlock works down to a science here at Animal Crossing World and have tried our best to explain to our readers, but it’s great to hear more details from Nintendo themselves.

Nintendo released this information in Japanese, so we’ve done our best to do present it in a combination of direct translation and our own editing to improve readability based on what we know. Find it all below:

How To Unlock & Start Toy Day Christmas Eve Event

To start the Toy Day Event for Christmas Eve on December 24th in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the following five conditions are required.

1) Download Software Update Version 1.6.0

Check if the software version is ‘Ver.1.6.0’ by pressing the + Button to access options from the HOME Menu. (Editor’s Note: This is just the Winter Update, which surely everyone should already have downloaded weeks ago)

2) Link User With Nintendo Account

It is not necessary to link all users, and it is OK if any one of the users playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons is linked to a Nintendo Account. Click here for instructions from Nintendo Support.

3) Complete The Resident Services Building

All elements of the event can be enjoyed with the Resident Services building renovated. Even if Resident Services is completed on the day of December 24th, the event will still occur.

4) Set Date & Time Of Nintendo Switch To Actual Date & Time

Since the in-game time of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is linked to the date and time of the Nintendo Switch itself, the event will not occur if the date and time is other than December 24, 2020.

5) After December 24th In Real Time, Start Animal Crossing: New Horizons With User Linked To Nintendo Account While Connected To Internet

If the version displayed on the title screen is “1.6.0c“, the event will start. After reaching “1.6.0c“, no internet connection is required.

Extra Notes About Receiving Updates

After December 1st, please start Animal Crossing: New Horizons as a user linked with Nintendo Account while connected to the Internet (if it is running, quit the software and restart it).

If the version display on the title screen is “1.6.0b”, the conditions for starting the event have almost been achieved. After December 24th in real time, if you are a Nintendo Account linked user and start Animal Crossing: New Horizons while connected to the Internet, the version display on the title screen will change to “1.6.0c” and the Toy Day event will start.

Even if the version display of the title screen is “1.6.0b” or “1.6.0c”, the version displayed in “Options” of the HOME menu will remain “1.6.0”.

Editor’s Note: You can find the original Japanese page that this article is based on here at Nintendo’s website.

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