Wedding Season Event Returns Today For 2021 With New Items In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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The love-filled Wedding Season event has returned to Animal Crossing: New Horizons today bringing back all of last year’s activities, plus some brand new furniture and clothing to enjoy for 2021!

Held during the entire month of June, the Wedding Season event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons celebrates the wedding anniversary of special characters Reese & Cyrus, as well as the common choice of June for many real-world marriages.

By visiting Harvey’s Island, you can meet these lovely two alpacas and decorate the Photopia studio into an amazing recreation of their wedding reception to celebrate the anniversary!

Every time you design a wedding themed room on Harvey’s Island for Reese & Cyrus, you’ll be rewarded with special Heart Crystals that can be exchanged for many different Wedding Season exclusive furniture and clothing items.

Below are some handy tips on playing the Wedding Season event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but we recommend reading our complete Wedding Season 2021 event guide here if you need help:

  • Make sure to speak to Harvey each day before entering the photo studio to trigger the wedding studio.
  • If you’re uninterested in actually designing a room, you can take a shortcut by simply repeatedly placing the same item over and over. You won’t be punished for this and can still earn plenty of Heart Crystals.
  • Furthermore, a great easy way to perform that shortcut is by spamming the wall-mounted Wedding Decoration item on each wall of the room.
  • Once you reach the event’s 7th Day, it’s important that you pay attention to the theme requested by Reese and correctly customize the Wedding items placed.
  • Cyrus can only accept exchanges for 8 items per day, so don’t wait until final day of June to redeem your Heart Crystals.

What’s New For Wedding Season 2021

Although the actual event itself at Harvey’s Island remains the same as last year, Nintendo has introduced several new furniture and clothing items for 2021 through other means on your island! Veteran players will still have new content to enjoy, even if it doesn’t come from Reese & Cyrus directly.

First of all, you can find 4 new Wedding Season themed items in the Special Goods section of Nook Shopping all month long. This includes three Nuptial set items called the Nuptial Bell, Nuptial Doorplate, and Nuptial Ring Pillow. Each comes in color variations that rotate in and out.

That’s not all though — the lovely Flower-Petal Basket item can be ordered from Nook Shopping as well and held in your hand allowing your character to throw petals into the air with a cute sound effect!

Over at Able Sisters, three brand new Wedding Season clothing items can be picked up for the perfect wedding outfit. For the complete set, be sure to get the Shiromuku, White Hakama With Crest, and Tsunokakushi.

Full details on all of these new items can be found in our complete Wedding Season 2021 event guide here.

Unlock Wedding Season Event With Version 1.10.0a

Not seeing any Wedding Season festivities at Harvey’s Island with Reese & Cyrus? Experiencing the 2021 version of the Wedding Season event requires your copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons to be on Version 1.10.0a, with the letter being the important part. This is show on the game’s title screen.

These versions can be only be unlocked after booting up the game with an internet connection and linked Nintendo Account. Make sure you meet these conditions and restart your game to ensure Wedding Season begins promptly.

Other recent events like May Day and International Museum Day didn’t require a version letter to be unlocked, but Wedding Season has returned to the event unlock tradition.

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