Nine New Nook Miles Achievements To Unlock In Version 2.0 Of Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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A wide selection of brand new Nook Miles achievements have been added for you to complete in the latest Version 2.0 Update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

With nine different new Nook Miles achievement categories to unlock, these give a great representation of the new content available to experience in the new update. For more on everything we’ve learned about Version 2.0 since its release, available RIGHT NOW, read our hub article here!

Writing A Cookbook?

The recipes in your collection could stretch for miles, so allow me to present you with these…miles! Delight the eyes and stomachs of your neighbors with all your delicious creations, hm?

  • Unlock 10 Cooking DIY Recipes; Ever-Improving & Test Chef Titles
  • Unlock 30 Cooking DIY Recipes; Skilled & Cooked Titles
  • Unlock 50 Cooking DIY Recipes; Homestyle & Chef Titles


Gathering ingredients and creating delicious treats is great fun, is it not? Yes, yes, I do believe our chefs out there deserve miles for all the times they’ve prepared something delicious!

  • Cook 300 Meals; Scorching & Gourmet Titles
  • Cook 500 Meals; Sugary & Sweets Titles
  • Cook 1000 Meals; Spicy & Head Chef Titles
  • Cook 2000 Meals; Gourmet & Epicure Titles
  • Cook 3000 Meals; Culinary & Glutton Titles

Nice To Meet You, Gyroid!

You’ve discovered your first gyroid! This special occasion deserves miles, yes, yes. I hope you feel inspired to collect all sorts of different, wonderful gyroids now.

  • Dig Up 300 Gyroids; Rain-Soaked & Gyroid Titles

Gyroid Getter

Collect different kinds of gyroids, and earn miles in return! I suspect once you
experience life in their presence, you’ll find it hard to resist hunting for more, hm?

  • Collect 5 Kinds of Gyroids; Distinctive & Curator Titles
  • Collect 15 Kinds of Gyroids; Whimsical & Statue Titles
  • Collect 20 Kinds of Gyroids; Novel & Symbol Titles

Sprout Out Loud

Plant your produce starts across the whole island for a fresh, bounteous crop! Whether it’s a small home garden or a full-on field, support Nook Inc. with all your produce-planting power! Yes, yes!

  • Plant 5 Vegetable Starts; Field-Fresh & Fertilizer Titles
  • Plant 20 Vegetable Starts; Locally Sourced & Soil Titles
  • Plant 50 Vegetable Starts; Sustainable & Soil Titles
  • Plant 100 Vegetable Starts; Hardworking & Days Titles
  • Plant 200 Vegetable Starts; Green-Thumbed & Success Titles

Executive Producer

Nothing feels quite like harvesting produce that you grew by the sweat of your brow, yes, yes! Now go enjoy the fruits of your labor—and the pumpkins, carrots, sugarcane, and potatoes too!

  • Harvest 10 Vegetables; Farming & Greenhorn Titles
  • Harvest 50 Vegetables; Crop-Tending & Crops Titles
  • Harvest 150 Vegetables; Vibrant & Baby Titles
  • Harvest 500 Vegetables; Nurturing & Young’un Titles
  • Harvest 1000 Vegetables; Thriving & Populace Titles

Set Sail for Adventure

Rare items and exciting adventures are yours when you head out on a special tour with a veteran sailor, yes, yes!

  • Sail with Kapp’n 3 Times; Sun-Kissed & Boater Titles
  • Sail with Kapp’n 10 Times; Household & Provider Titles
  • Sail with Kapp’n 20 Times; Voyaging & Explorer Titles
  • Sail with Kapp’n 30 Times; Family-Minded & Parent Titles
  • Sail with Kapp’n 50 Times; Impressive & Family Titles

Come Home to the Roost

The Roost, located on the second floor of the museum, is quite picky about the coffee they serve, yes, yes! Do stop in to enjoy a cup and earn some dark-roasted miles!

  • Drink Coffee 5 Times; Aromatic & Beans Titles
  • Drink Coffee 10 Times; Caffeinated & Regular Titles
  • Drink Coffee 20 Times; Fragrant & Break Titles
  • Drink Coffee 30 Times; Rich & Blend Titles
  • Drink Coffee 50 Times; Acidic & Barista Titles

Stretch to Refresh!

The health of our residents is a top priority, yes, yes! So we’re holding group-stretching sessions in the plaza. I’ll provide miles once per day for participating, and there will be a tape deck for music. I hope I see you there!

  • Join Group Stretching 3 Times; Peppy & Kids Titles
  • Join Group Stretching 10 Times; Athletic & Fitness Fan Titles
  • Join Group Stretching 20 Times; Sporty & Athlete Titles
  • Join Group Stretching 30 Times; Peak-Performing & Bodybuilder Titles
  • Join Group Stretching 50 Times; Stoic & Health Nut Titles

A huge special thanks to NWPlayer for their work datamining and sharing information used in this article.

Stay tuned to Animal Crossing World for everything on Animal Crossing: New Horizons, including our extensive Guides section here. Our most popular pages include Prepare For Version 2.016 New VillagersHappy Home Paradise DLCSeries 5 Amiibo CardsVersion 2.0 UpdateMushroom DIY RecipesNew November CrittersRedd Art, and Sea Creatures.

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