You Can Get Official Animal Crossing Ice Cream At Cold Stone Creamery, Among Other Nintendo Delights

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You’d think after seeing Animal Crossing shirts, shoes, plushies, makeup, board games, Build-A-Bears, and more over the past couple years, there wouldn’t be any possible collaborations left.

But we’ve been proven wrong once again with the announcement this week of an official Animal Crossing: New Horizons themed ice cream flavor available at Cold Stone Creamery this summer in the United States!

Beginning today, Cold Stone Creamery outlets nationwide have a special new collaboration with Nintendo featuring the Island Getaway ice cream flavor themed to Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Cold Stone Creamery Nintendo Flavors For Summer 2022

The Island Getaway creation for Animal Crossing: New Horizons consists of Chocolate Ice Cream, Strawberries, Banana, and Whipped Topping all together! Best of all, there’s an Animal Crossing themed cup design to collect as well.

In addition to the Animal Crossing promotion, two other Nintendo themed ice cream flavors are available at Cold Stone Creamery this summer for Kirby and the Forgotten Land and Mario Party Superstars.

The Mighty Pink Puff (Kirby and the Forgotten Land) features Strawberry Ice Cream, Caramel, Mini Marshmallows, and Strawberries.

Superstar Sprinkle Blast (Mario Party Superstars) features Cake Batter Ice Cream, Yellow Cake, Blue Frosting, and Rainbow Sprinkles.

Finally, a particularly special Mario Kart 8 themed cake has been introduced called Rainbow Sprinkle Road inspired by the infamous Rainbow Road track found in every Mario Kart game. This unique cake features layers of moist Yellow Cake & Sweet Cream Ice Cream with Star Sprinkles wrapped in fluffy Bright Blue Frosting.

How To Get The Animal Crossing Ice Cream Cup

Note that if you’re looking for the specific Animal Crossing: New Horizons themed cup design with your ice cream, statements from Cold Stone Creamery’s social media indicate that you’ll want to order the “Gotta Have It” size and specifically make a request for an Animal Crossing themed cup.

Based on this, it appears that standard procedure would result in customers receiving their order randomly in any of the three different Nintendo themed cups for Kirby, Mario, and Animal Crossing. So we’d suggest asking nicely for the exact cup design you’re looking for, whether that be in-person or through special instructions in the app.

Finally, it’s been confirmed by Cold Stone Creamery that this summertime Nintendo promotion is slated to run through until September 30th, 2022. The Animal Crossing Ice Cream Summer starts now everyone!

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