25 Fantastic Firework Custom Designs For Fireworks Show Event In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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One of the best features of the new Fireworks Show event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the ability to display custom design patterns as beautiful fireworks in the sky, but what if you don’t have any to showcase?

In this article, we’ll be collecting a wide variety of different firework designs you can use on your island to fully experience the Fireworks Show event throughout August with your favorite icons and characters in the sky.

If you’re not already familiar, you can select custom pattern designs as fireworks by speaking to Isabelle outside of Resident Services at any time before or during the event. Just select the “I’ve got a firework idea!” option and you can pick up to ten different designs, including the order.

By the way, every design on this list has been tested in-game during the Fireworks Show ourselves to ensure it looks good as a firework in the sky! Some designs that look great normally can often turn out not so well in the Fireworks Show due to complexity, colors, or shapes.

Fireworks Show Event 2022: Redd’s Raffle Prizes, Boppers, Dates & Times

Without further ado, enjoy our curated collection below of 25 great custom patterns designs to use as fireworks during the Fireworks Show event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

Animal Crossing Bells

Animal Crossing Isabelle

Animal Crossing Julian

Check out the designer‘s three Creator Codes at MA-3130-4472-4937, MA-8501-1535-1176, and MA-2686-4807-6465 to discover hundreds more Villager Face designs like this one!

Animal Crossing Roald

Animal Crossing Tom Nook

Check out the designer’s Creator Codes at MA-3753-9098-8519 to discover more special character faces like Blathers and Reese!

Captain America Shield

Four Hearts

Froggy Chair


Pokemon Pokeball

Pokemon Eevee


Sanrio Hello Kitty

Check out the designer’s Creator Code at MA-0040-0375-8070 to discover lots more Sanrio themed designs than just the ones we listed here!

Sanrio Pompompurin

Shooting Star

Check out the designer’s Creator Code at MA-4791-5859-1744 to discover some more similar star themed designs! Check her out on Twitter at @zogirl5.


Splatoon Green Squid

Splatoon Purple Squid

Star Wars Baby Yoda


Pikmin Yellow

Zelda Emblem

Zelda Majora’s Mask

Zelda Shield

Zelda Triforce & Hearts

We plan on extensively adding to this list throughout August as we approach further Fireworks Show events all month long! This acts as a basic starting point for the first edition though — please feel free to suggest new additions in the comments below, we welcome them.

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