Watch Animal Crossing’s DJ K.K Concert Performance At Nintendo Live 2022 With Isabelle & More! (Recording)

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This past weekend, Nintendo hosted a stunning live concert performance starring DJ K.K from Animal Crossing: New Horizons in Japan — and now it’s available to watch in an official archive recording!

The performance held at Nintendo Live 2022 in Tokyo, Japan was quite a sight to behold for Animal Crossing fans with many different characters from the series making an appearance on-screen alongside DJ K.K including Isabelle, Tom Nook, Lottie, Niko, and many villagers.

Isabelle even opened up the concert with a special island morning announcements video, just like you hear from her each day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, welcoming attendees to Nintendo Live 2022!

After Isabelle’s introduction, DJ K.K kicked off the show by playing Welcome Horizons, a track that’s very similar to Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ title theme song. This is also a throwback to the first live K.K. Slider performance a few years ago at 2019’s Nintendo Live event in Japan where the same song was played.

Another highlight during the Animal Crossing performance was a special segment featuring the iconic K.K. Bubblegum track with matching villagers Chrissy and Francine dancing along to the catchy tune!

Plenty of other special characters and villagers made an appearance on screen throughout the concert too such as Blathers, Gulliver, Daisy Mae, Lolly, Audie, Judy, Reese, Dom, Marshal, Flick, Raymond, and many more. And keeping the energy up, many attendees in the audience waved glow sticks adding a fun vibe to the show.

Wish you could have gone? Thankfully, Nintendo has now released an official archive high-quality recording of the event that you can watch. Cast it onto your big screen, crank up the volume, and enjoy a stellar performance of K.K. Slider songs!

The Animal Crossing portion featuring DJ K.K runs for about the first 31 minutes of the video, with the event switching over to Splatoon 3’s Deep Cut for the remainder, so keep that in mind. Check it out in the YouTube embed below, or click here!

We were hoping to attend one of the Animal Crossing DJ K.K. performances in Japan ourselves having been in the country earlier this month. Unfortunately, attendance was strictly controlled by tickets distributed through a random lottery — and we lost that! Maybe next year, hopefully?

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