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Reissue Crafting: How to Craft, Get Reissue / HH Material

Reissue Crafting is a new feature introduced in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp version 2.3 that can be used to craft select previous event items you’ve missed out on.

To find the currently available items in Reissue Crafting, tap the Craft button at the bottom of the screen then the Reissued timer icon near the top. You can swap between sub-tabs to browse all of the events that currently have reissue crafting items available. These available events and items will rotate out on a monthly basis.

How to Get Reissue Material and HH Material

To craft reissue items with Bells, there are two vital materials you will always need in addition to the bells: Reissue Material and HH Material! If you’re crafting reissue item with Leaf Tickets, you don’t need materials.

Reissue Material can currently be obtained in the following three ways:

  • Complete the Reissue Goals by earning HH Medals when finishing Happy Homeroom classes and crafting reissue items.
  • Play a Reissue Material map at Blather’s Treasure Trek, you can get these from the Reissue Goals.
  • Purchase the Reissue Starter Pack with 70 Leaf Tickets and 5 Reissue Materials for $2.99 (up to five times).

HH Material can be obtained by completing Happy Homeroom classes from Lottie, completing a class for the first time will always reward you with 1 HH Material. You can access the Happy Homeroom by tapping the pink house in the top left of your map.

Separately from the methods listed above, you can always pay a Leaf Ticket fee to craft an item when you’re missing materials and have no other way to get them.

Current Reissue Crafting Events and Items

Part One of Reissue Crafting began on April 10th and is set to run until May 9th, 2019!

The following previous events have their items available to craft during this period:

Look-Alike from Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt #1

Isabelle Hat50 Leaf TicketsN/AN/AN/A
K.K. Slider's Guitar100 Leaf TicketsN/AN/AN/A
Isabelle's Spring Top120,000 Bells1013
Isabelle's Skirt30,000 Bells311
K.K. Slider's Hat350,000 Bells2015
Reese Hat120,000 Bells1013
Reese's Apron120,000 Bells1013
Tommy Hat120,000 Bells1013
Tommy Shirt30,000 Bells311

Leif’s Spring Flowers

Floral Swinging Bench350,000 Bells2015
Round Spring Flower Bed350,000 Bells2015
Floral Stepping Stones30,000 Bells311
Floral Canal120,000 Bells1013
Floral Canal Corner30,000 Bells311
Giant Windflower350,000 Bells2015
Giant Clovers120,000 Bells1013
Spring Flower Crown120,000 Bells1013
Shamrock Blazer120,000 Bells1013
Green Tartan Shorts30,000 Bells311
Potted White Clovers30,000 Bells311
Potted Yellow Sleeping Beauties30,000 Bells311
Potted Pink Sleeping Beauties30,000 Bells311

Rover’s Garden Safari

Rover's Counter350,000 Bells2015
Rover's Heater350,000 Bells2015
Rover's Screen120,000 Bells1013
Rover's Table120,000 Bells1013
Rover's Stool30,000 Bells311
Rover's Rocking Chair120,000 Bells1013
Rover's Rug120,000 Bells1013
Rover's Kettle120,000 Bells1013
Rover's Mug30,000 Bells311
Coffee Grinder30,000 Bells311
Rover's Hood350,000 Bells2015
Rover's Outfit30,000 Bells311
Potted Blue Dahlias30,000 Bells311
Potted Red Dahlias30,000 Bells311
Potted White Dahlias30,000 Bells311

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