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Fortune Cookies: How to Get, Stamp Cards, Odds, Duplicates

Fortune Cookies in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp are special loot-box items that contain a random piece of exclusive furniture or clothing. Some items are relatively common while others are extremely rare, you never know what you’ll get!

How to Get Fortune Cookies

You can get Fortune Cookies in Pocket Camp in three different ways:

The Fortune Cookie Shop is located at a stand staffed by Timmy & Tommy at the Market Place map location. You can purchase cookies with Leaf Tickets and Bells here, or trade stamp cards directly for items.

Looking for information on future Fortune Cookies? Check out our Upcoming Fortune Cookie Releases Preview here!

Purchase with Leaf Tickets

A rotating selection of special Fortune Cookies are always available to purchase in the Shop for Leaf Tickets. You can buy them as many times as you can afford with your ticket balance. A single cookie costs 50 Leaf Tickets and a combo box of five cookies costs 250 Leaf Tickets. You don’t save any money with a box but do receive an extra stamp, which are very helpful for trading.

New special fortune cookies are released into the Shop selection about once every two weeks or so. A new cookie generally remains in the Shop selection for about 3 months or 90 days, but some events reduce this duration. For example, Fauna’s Toy Day Cookie was only available for a month before Christmas.

Purchase with Bells

A separate selection of two Fortune Cookies are available to buy every day for Bells and are displayed on a shelf at the top of the screen. Once you purchase one, it is sold out and unavailable until the shop refreshes the next day.

The cookies on the Bells selection refresh and change daily at 7AM Pacific Time / 11AM Eastern Time / 3PM GMT, regardless of whether you purchased the previous ones or not. Each player receives a different selection based on your personal luck!

Both currently sold special fortune cookies (normally sold for Leaf Tickets) and basic fortune cookies (always sold for Bells) can appear in your daily selection for Bells. It’s possible you will only see special fortune cookies a couple times a week if you’re not particularly lucky though.

Villager Request Rewards

When a villager gives you an opportunity in a task request to pick an item of your choice from your inventory, you can receive a free basic Fortune Cookie depending on the quality of the item you give.

Giving a villager any Fish or Bug with a sell value of at least 100 Bells, any Perfect Fruit, or a Pearl-Oyster Shell yields a 20% chance of receiving a free basic fortune cookie.

If you give a villager one of the rarest fish or bugs in the game, you are guaranteed a free basic fortune cookie no matter what. These creatures include the Goliath Beetle, Koi, Napoleonfish, Tuna, King Salmon, and Cyclommatus Stag.

The basic Fortune Cookies you can receive are Timmy’s Fortune Cookie, Tommy’s Fortune Cookie, and Clothing Fortune Cookie. You cannot get premium event cookies that cost Leaf Tickets through this method.

Can’t figure out how to open your cookie after you get one from a villager? You can find them hidden in your inventory menus by going to Items –> Three Dots Icon –> Cookie Icon and opening them there.

Fortune Cookie Odds, Luck, and Duplicates

The exact odds of getting each item in a fortune cookie are listed inside the game’s menus if you dig deep enough. Tap on the cookie in the shop, scroll down to the bottom, and tap See Rates.

For premium fortune cookies that cost Leaf Tickets, the rates are typically 3% for 5-Star items, 5% for 4-Star items, and 13.66% for 3-Star items. With basic fortune cookies like Timmy’s or Tommy’s, the rates are 2% for 4-Star items, 3% for 3-Star items, and 3.64% for 2-Star items.

Unfortunately, you can get duplicates of items you already have when you open a Fortune Cookie. Pocket Camp does not have any system to prevent duplicates or even reduce the chances of getting them. As you get more items from a cookie, your chances of receiving a duplicate naturally go up dramatically.

Fortune Cookie Stamp Cards & Trading

Having a lot of trouble with your luck getting the specific item you want from a Fortune Cookie? Fortunately, there is a way to guarantee getting an item using the Stamp Cards system, but it’s not cheap!

Every time you purchase a Fortune Cookie with Leaf Tickets (bell purchases do not give stamps) from the shop, you earn a stamp towards a stamp card. A purchase of a Fortune Cookie Box earns 6 stamps. Each stamp card contains 10 spaces for stamps and once all ten spaces are filled with stamps, the stamp card is completed.

When you have a completed stamp card, it can be traded in directly for an item without any random chance. 3 Star items cost one stamp card, 4 Star items cost 5 stamp cards, and 5 Star items cost an astounding 10 stamp cards. To view your current stamp cards or make a trade with them, tap the card in the top left of the Fortune Cookie Shop screen.

Note that not all fortune cookies are available for stamp card trading though. Typically, only the currently sold cookies are available to trade with stamp cards, plus a re-issue of a previous event.

What To Do With Duplicate Fortune Cookie Items?

Unfortunately, it’s highly likely you will rack up a collection of duplicates if you purchase Fortune Cookies enough times. There’s just no way around it!

At least with clothing and accessories, some duplicates can be used to dress up villagers in your campsite. When that’s not an option, the only thing you can do with fortune cookie duplicates is to trade them in with Gulliver at Sunburst Island for villager treats.

Depending on the quality (re: star rating) of the items you trade to Gulliver, he will come back with better quality treats. There are bronze, silver, and gold villager treats up for grabs. They can be fed to visiting villagers as a boost to their experience points to level them up faster.

Frequently Asked Fortune Cookie Questions

If I force quit the game after I open a bad cookie, can I re-open it for better luck?

No, the random item inside the Fortune Cookie is determined the moment you either purchase or obtain the cookie, before you actually open it. Therefore closing the app and re-opening it will never yield a different result.

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