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Blathers’s Treasure Trek: How to Get Every Animal Villager Map and Treasure Map

Blathers’s Treasure Trek is a mini-game inside of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp where you can roll the dice and play on board-game maps to unlock prizes and new villagers. In this guide, learn how to play and how to find new treasure maps, including exclusive animal villager maps!

How to Play Blathers’s Treasure Trek

To access Blathers’s Treasure Trek and start playing, look for the Blathers owl icon on in the middle of your map and tap on it. Then you’ll be presented with a menu listing of all of the treasure maps you’ve collected so far, including extra special villager maps.

The most valuable ‘gold’ treasure maps will be listed at the top of your menu, which includes maps for Leaf Tickets, Reissue Material, Sparkle Stones, and Bells! Below that you’ll find basic maps for unlocking crafting materials, essence materials, and smaller portions of bells.

When you tap on a map, you can see two important pieces of information: the goal of the map and what it will cost you to roll. The goal of the map represents the grand prize you will receive for reaching the end of the map, even though there will actually be additional smaller prizes along the way.

The roll cost is well, what it will cost you to roll the dice every time! Unfortunately, while it’s normally free to obtain Blathers’s treasure maps, it’s not free to actually use them. Make sure you have enough of the material needed to roll, or there’s not much point bothering.

Many of the maps actually chain into each other, so check out all of your maps to see if you can use another map to get materials for another. For example, you can use friend powder to get bells from a Bells Map, and then use those bells for a Leaf Ticket Map.

When you’ve picked out a map to play, just open up the map to start tapping the dice to pay the roll cost and play! As you roll the dice, Blathers will move along the map until you get the end and unlock the grand prize waiting for you.

Note that you can leave and return to your saved position in a map at any time. And don’t bother trying to reset your game if you get a bad roll, the number is baked in to the system and you can’t fool it that easily.

Instantly Clearing Treasure and Villager Maps: Worth It?

If you don’t have enough of the roll cost for a map to complete a map, or you simply just don’t feel like it, there is an instant clear option for a price. At any time, tap the map icon in the bottom left and hit the Instantly Clear button to pay 5 Leaf Tickets for the entire map to be completed for you.

We don’t recommend doing this for most maps as it’s usually a poor value to spend the most valuable resource in the game, Leaf Tickets, just to get less valuable resources faster. However, it might be worth it on Villager Maps since they can be very costly and you’re getting something more special!

How to Get Treasure Maps

Blathers’s Treasure Trek isn’t very useful if you don’t have any treasure maps to play with, is it? There’s currently three different ways to obtain new non-villager treasure maps in Pocket Camp, you can either:

  • Complete standard villager/camper requests
  • Pop the red and gold balloons that periodically appear on the map
  • Complete ongoing event goals — Nintendo loves to give out Leaf Ticket and Bells maps

Note that you won’t always get a treasure map from requests and balloons — it’s a random chance. Gold balloons generally have a greater chance of giving you a gold treasure map though.

For information on how to get animal villager maps, scroll down to the next section.

Treasure Maps List

Treasure MapGoal PrizeRoll Cost

Lotsa Leaf Tickets Map
30 Leaf Tickets50,000 Bells

Leaf Tickets Map
10 Leaf Tickets30,000 Bells

Reissue Material Map
5 Reissue Material10,000 Bells

Sparkle Stone Map
1 Sparkle Stone10,000 Bells

Buncha Bells Map
50,000 Bells15 Friend Powder

Bells Map
5,000 Bells3 Friend Powder

Material Maps
1,000 Bells20 Material*

Essence Maps
6,000 Bells10 Essence*

*There are maps for every crafting material and essence in Pocket Camp. For simplicity, we’ve grouped them together in this list — they share the same numbers, just with the prize changed.

How to Get Animal Villager Maps

Perhaps the most useful part of Blathers’s Treasure Trek are the animal villager maps! These are special maps that don’t give you a resource prize at the end, but rather unlock an exclusive brand new villager to invite to your campsite.

While there are tons of new animals to unlock by levelling up in Pocket Camp, a good amount are exclusive to maps and cannot be unlocked in any other way. In fact, pretty much all new villagers released these days are map exclusives now.

To get new animal villager maps, you’ll have to make use of Gulliver at Sunburst Island in the bottom left of the map. By giving him a selection of ten items, he’ll head off sailing in the sea looking for treasure. When he comes back, you’ll get some snacks and an animal villager map, if you’re lucky!

The easiest method for getting animal villager maps from Gulliver is to just craft 10 1-minute craft time items and send Gulliver off to sea. This is the best way to farm the villager maps because these items are cheap, quick to craft, and giving him rarer items won’t increase your chances! Scroll down for a list of the best items matching this criteria.

You should almost always receive one ‘bonus’ item back from Gulliver using this method. And most importantly, that bonus has about a 30% chance to receive an villager map or villager. If you don’t get one of those, you’ll almost always get an extra snack instead.

By the way, the direction that you send Gulliver to after giving him your items won’t affect your villager map chances at all. What the direction does effect is what type of themed snack you could receive, but this doesn’t apply if you send him low-value items like we’re suggesting here.

Best Gulliver Furniture to Craft for Maps

Below is a list of the best quick and cheap items to craft in Pocket Camp for giving to Gulliver. Check which crafting materials you have the most of, then consult the Craft Cost column to see what you should make!

ItemCraft CostCategory

Alpine Lamp
300 Bells
3 Wood
3 Steel

Bamboo Tree
750 Bells
2 Wood

Fish On A Board
320 Bells
3 Wood
3 Preserves

Flower Rug
370 Bells
6 Cotton

Geometric Rug
320 Bells
3 Paper
3 Cotton

Giant Dharma
220 Bells
6 Wood

Grapefruit Table
390 Bells
6 Preserves

640 Bells
1 Preserve
1 Steel

Minimalist Lamp
290 Bells
6 Steel

Pipe Stool
520 Bells
3 Steel
3 Cotton

Animal Villager Maps List

As of August 2019, there are currently 30 villagers in Pocket Camp that can only be unlocked using villager maps in Blathers’s Treasure Trek. See a complete list of every one below:

VillagerRoll CostSource

12 Harmonious EssencceGulliver

12 Cool EssenceGulliver

12 Cool EssenceGulliver

12 Elegant EssenceGulliver

12 Modern EssenceGulliver

Chai (Sanrio)
12 Cute EssenceSanrio Event

Chelsea (Sanrio)
12 Cute EssenceSanrio Event

6 Cool EssenceGulliver

Etoile (Sanrio)
12 Cute EssenceSanrio Event

12 Cute EssenceGulliver

12 Cool EssenceGulliver

12 Cool EssenceGulliver

6 Historical EssenceGulliver

12 Civic EssenceGulliver

12 Cute EssenceGulliver

Marty (Sanrio)
12 Natural EssenceSanrio Event

6 Cute EssenceGulliver

6 Harmonious EssenceGulliver

6 Hip EssenceGulliver

12 Harmonious EssenceGulliver

6 Elegant EssenceGulliver

6 Hip EssenceGulliver

6 Elegant EssenceGulliver

Rilla (Sanrio)
12 Hip EssenceSanrio Event

6 Modern EssenceGulliver

12 Sporty EssenceGulliver

12 Civic EssenceGulliver

6 Natural EssenceGulliver

Toby (Sanrio)
12 Harmonious EssenceSanrio Event

6 Cute EssenceGulliver

Six of these villagers are part of the limited-time Sanrio Character Collection event and can only be obtained from the event’s goals, not from Gulliver.

Additional rewards along the way in every villager map include Gold, Silver, and Bronze treat items.

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