Fireworks Show Event Is Back for 2022 In Animal Crossing: New Horizons Tonight

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The August Fireworks Show event is back tonight in Animal Crossing: New Horizons on your island for the first time this year, with festivities taking place throughout the month!

Like in previous years, this fireworks themed event begins at 7PM on every Sunday night during the month of August in Animal Crossing: New Horizons with fireworks to enjoy in the sky, over 20 different prizes to win from Redd’s Raffle, and even a rare appearance of Isabelle outside of Resident Services.

During the Fireworks Show event, you can find Redd set up with his booth outdoors selling raffle tickets to enter Redd’s Raffle. By purchasing these raffle tickets for 500 Bells each, you can win many different party prize items including Sparklers, Balloons, and more!

And if you missed the 2021 version of this event while taking a hiatus prior to November 2021’s big Version 2.0 Update, it’s worth noting that Redd is selling some delicious food items like Boba Tea, Cotton Candy, and Frozen Treats in his raffle that weren’t available in 2020. These items can even be eaten to gain fruit stamina!

There’s no limit on how many items you can get from Redd’s Raffle, so feel free to go nuts and have fun with as many Bells as you can possibly afford to spend! Note that some items have use limits though, so you may wish to stock up on your favorites. See our guide to every Redd’s Raffle prize here.

Players who didn’t extensively participate in the Fireworks Show event during previous years can also get a second chance at completing Isabelle’s set of Boppers! Available in a variety of styles, including the Star Bopper and Heart Bopper, just talk to Isabelle during each night of the fireworks in August to claim a set for free.

And for those who are fans of designing custom patterns in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the Fireworks Show has something for you too! During the event, you can find Isabelle outside accepting custom designs to be used as fireworks in the event.

Just talk to Isabelle and use the “I’ve got a firework idea!” option to select up to 10 different custom pattern designs for fireworks that will blast off in the sky throughout the night. The order that patterns are displayed as fireworks can even be customized too.

25 Fantastic Firework Custom Design Codes

If it’s been a while since you played Animal Crossing: New Horizons, this event is a great way to pick the game up again and have a good time with some of your friends in online multiplayer! It’s the perfect moment for just hanging out and playing around with Redd’s Raffle items, while you chat away with a few pals.

The Fireworks Show event wraps up promptly at Midnight on your island when the bright colors in the sky end and Redd’s Raffle closes, so be sure to take a look at the festivities before then!

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