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More pictures of Animal Crossing: New Leaf in English from SXSW Gaming

7 years ago 11 Comments

We’re back with more pictures of the English Demo for Animal Crossing: New Leaf at SXSW Gaming! To avoid spamming the blog, this post will be updated throughout today and tomorrow with more pictures as we find them.

According to one poster, the demo wasn’t actually playable by visitors. It was live gameplay but controlled by a Nintendo rep. The rep did allow her to walk around a little bit when nobody was watching though.

(via Instagram user kawaiiboushiTumblr user uwu, RoboTurtle, Tumblr user mellozine)

A blurry picture from SXSW Gaming showing some English Community Projects

7 years ago 5 Comments

As we reported earlier in the week, Nintendo is hosting an English demo for Animal Crossing: New Leaf at SXSW Gaming in Texas this weekend. Some readers have been asking for any screenshots or video from the event and we’re on the lookout.


Unfortunately, this is about all we have so far. It’s not much but you can see some of the Community Projects in English, nothing too unusual though.

If you’re at SXSW Gaming this weekend, please feel free to send us any new pictures or video from the English New Leaf demo if you get around to playing it! You can contact us at this page or tweet us at @AC3DSBlog.

(via Instagram user kawaiiboushi)

Stability Software Update coming to Japan and South Korea for Animal Crossing: New Leaf

7 years ago 17 Comments


If you’ve been playing the Japanese or Korean version of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, you may have noticed some bugs and glitches. These issues include freezes and crashes with the potential of save data corruption if it occurs while the game is saving. Some players have also discovered out of bound glitches such as walking on the train tracks.


Thankfully Nintendo has announced that a software update is coming in the near future. It’s not entirely clear yet exactly which issues will be fixed but the update is intended to improve the overall stability of the game. It could be glitches like the out of bound bugs or it could be freezing and crashing issues. No announcement was made of when to expect the update.

It can be assumed that the international versions of the game will include these fixes from the beginning as they are still 3 months away but it has not been confirmed by Nintendo of America or Nintendo of Europe.


Have you been playing either version of the game? Feel free to comment below and share any bugs or glitches that you have encountered during your playtime. We’d love to hear your experiences and may publish an article in the future about the issues.

(via Nintendo JP, KR)

Animal Crossing: New Leaf making its American debut at SXSW this weekend

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UPDATE: Check out our collection of photos from the event here!

Do you live near Austin, Texas? You just might be able to play the first English demo of Animal Crossing: New Leaf among other games this weekend at SXSW Gaming. In a press release, Nintendo said the American debut for Animal Crossing: New Leaf will take place at SXSW Gaming with a “guided demo opportunity” available to the public.

If you’re interested in attending, you can find details for the event here. It’s free and open to the public so check it out if you’re nearby. We’ll be on the look out for any new English footage from the event and will post anything we find on the Blog so stay tuned!

(via Joystiq)