May Day Event Returns Today For 2021 With New Maze & Prize In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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The May Day Tour event has returned to Animal Crossing: New Horizons today sporting new content for returning players with both a fresh new maze design to explore and a shiny new prize to claim!

Held from April 29th to May 7th, the May Day event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons coincides with the real-world Golden Week holiday in Japan offering a special May Day Tour island to visit from the Airport using a May Day Ticket.

Visitors to the May Day Tour island will find a devious maze puzzle to navigate by picking up resources, eating fruit, smashing rocks, digging up trees, hopping over water gaps, crafting items, and more!

Those who pass the May Day challenge and make it to the maze’s end will get to meet special character Rover and have a chat with him leading to an exclusive event prize.

This year’s event for 2021 brings a newly designed and more complex version of the maze too providing a fresh experience for those who already experienced the May Day event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons previously, so it’s worth checking out again.

For veteran players who completed the May Day maze and met Rover last year, a brand new prize is also available to collect for 2021! After completing the updated maze this year, you’ll receive the lovely Rover’s Photo item in your mailbox the next day.

Newer Animal Crossing players who missed out on May Day last year can receive the original Rover’s Briefcase prize by completing the maze, though it appears they may be unable to get Rover’s Photo this year without trading.

Below are some handy tips on how to solve the May Day Maze in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but we recommend reading our complete May Day Tour Event 2021: Maze Walkthrough guide here if you need help:

  • Look for a blue cat named Rover sitting on the ground in the top right of maze — that’s your destination goal!
  • Pick up tools, fruit, wood, and other resources to help clear a pathway to the goal. To cross a gap of water, you may need to come at it from a different angle.
  • It’s key to use the landscaping powers of Animal Crossing to full effect! Remember that trees can be dug up and rocks can be broken by eating Fruit to gain energy.
  • Once you consume a resource, you cannot get it back without completely resetting the maze. It is possible to get stuck if you are not careful.
  • Hidden Bell Vouchers can be found in two locations on the maze, these are bonus items that can only be accessed after reaching Rover.
  • When you leave the May Day Tour island, it is no longer possible to return on the same character until next year’s event.

We hope you enjoy this year’s May Day event for Animal Crossing: New Horizons — be sure to let us know in the comments below what you think of it!

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