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How To Get & Redeem Nook Points: All Nook Inc. Prizes

Nook Points are a new currency in Animal Crossing: New Horizons exclusively available inside the Nook Link app! Learn what Nook Points are, how to get then, and see all of the exclusive Nook Inc. prizes available in this guide.

The infrastructure for Nook Points was added in the Version 1.9 March Update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons released on March 18th, 2021. And as of March 29th, the Nook Points feature has now been released in the Nook Link app as promised.

How To Get Nook Points

You can earn Nook Points currency by using the Nook Link service inside of the Nintendo Switch Online app for iOS and Android smartphones. An active Nintendo Switch Online membership is required.

Once per day, opening the Nook Link service and tapping on the Nook Points app icon will reward you with at least 10 Nook Points after pressing the ‘Get my points!’ button.

However, if you’re lucky, you can sometimes receive an additional 2x or 3x bonus resulting in 20 or 30 Nook Points earned in a single day. So far, this appears to be entirely random and uncontrollable, but we’ll continue to research whether there are any correlations.

Can You Time Travel To Get More Nook Points Faster?

Players might naturally wonder whether it’s possible to ‘time travel’ or otherwise cheat to speed up earning of Nook Points, so they can earn the Nook Inc. rewards sooner.

It’s early, so we still need to do further testing, but it does appear to be possible to trigger at least one day of early Nook Points by adjusting the date and time on your phone. Note that we suspect this will only let you obtain them early, meaning you won’t get a duplicate amount when the actual day arrives later.

However, if you try and ‘time travel’ too far forward collecting too many extra Nook Points, the Nook Link app will eventually spit out an error stating that ‘You can’t earn any Nook Points right now.’ blocking further earnings. This appears to happen in the backwards direction too.

We’ll update this guide in the future when we have a clearer understanding of how the Nook Points function operates.

How To Redeem Nook Points

After racking up enough Nook Points, you’ll be able to redeem them for a selection of prizes from Nook Inc. that can be transferred to your Animal Crossing: New Horizons island! It’s easy to redeem — simply select the Redeem For Items button in Nook Link to browse the currently available selection.

Pick out your preferred prize, press the Order button, and the chosen item will be delivered to mailbox of your Animal Crossing: New Horizons character in a letter addressed from the ‘NookLink Admins’. These letters appear to be instantly delivered with no need to wait until the next in-game day.

Nook Points Prize Redemption List

There are currently six different Nook Points items in total that you can choose from in Animal Crossing: New Horizons as of the March Update, including a Nook Inc. Doorplate and Isabelle’s Photo. Prices range from 10 Nook Points all the way to a hefty 100 Nook Points.

Nook Inc. Poster – 10 Nook Points

The Nook Inc. Poster item can be purchased in the Nook Link app in exchange for 10 Nook Points.

Nook Inc. Doorplate – 40 Nook Points

The Nook Inc. Poster item can be purchased in the Nook Link app in exchange for 10 Nook Points.

Aloha-Edition Carrying Case – 60 Nook Points

The Aloha-Edition Carrying Case item can be purchased in the Nook Link app in exchange for 60 Nook Points.

Isabelle’s Photo – 100 Nook Points

The Isabelle’s Photo item can be purchased in the Nook Link app in exchange for 100 Nook Points.

Timmy And Tommy’s Photo – 100 Nook Points

The Timmy And Tommy’s Photo item can be purchased in the Nook Link app in exchange for 100 Nook Points.

Tom Nook’s Photo – 100 Nook Points

The Tom Nook’s Photo item can be purchased in the Nook Link app in exchange for 100 Nook Points.

Future Nook Point Prizes?

The current selection of Nook Points items is relatively limited, but we expect that Nintendo may introduce additional Nook Points prizes in future game updates now that the infrastructure is in place. Adding more special character photos like Celeste’s Photo or Leif’s Photo would be an easy win.

One reason to believe additional rewards will come later is that the Redemption History screen specifies that up to 100 recently ordered items can be viewed. That’s a lot of orders considering there are currently only 6 unique prizes!

Katrina’s Words Of Wisdom

Oddly, a past Animal Crossing special character named Katrina can be seen providing daily words of wisdom inside the Nook Points interface, despite her being absent from New Horizons so far.

At least right now, Katrin’s presence is a simple ‘easter egg’ with no sign of her in the actual game yet, but perhaps it’s a tease for future updates? She might be intended as an explanation for the random 2x or 3x bonuses.

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