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May Day Tour: Maze Walkthrough, Rover Rewards, Tickets

The brand new May Day event is available for a limited time in Animal Crossing: New Horizons bringing a new island to visit and a fan-favorite returning character! Learn how to complete the maze and get all of the rewards available in this guide.

May Day Event Start Date & Time

The May Day event is held in Animal Crossing: New Horizons starting on May 1st, 2020 running for one full week until May 7th! This event was added with the Version 1.2 update released on April 23rd, 2020 and you’ll need to have updated your copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons to experience the event.

Note that you can only access the May Day event inside your game when it has been activated by the real-world date of May 1st being reached in the region that your Nintendo Account is attached to. It’s not possible to time travel to play this event if that hasn’t occurred yet.

If you don’t have any Nintendo Account attached to your Nintendo Switch profile, then you won’t be able to enjoy the May Day event.

How To Play May Day Event & Visit The Maze Island

To participate in the May Day event and enjoy the activities that Tom Nook has planned for you, load up Animal Crossing: New Horizons during the week of May 1st-7th. When you play for the first time during this event period after it’s been activated, you’ll get a morning announcement from Isabelle letting you know the festivities have begun!

How To Get May Day Tickets

To get your very own May Day Ticket, head over to Resident Services when the event has begun and speak to Tom Nook at the counter! He’ll tell you all about the May Day event, which we believe to be celebrating the real world International Workers’ Day holiday.

How To Visit May Day Tour Maze Island

Once you’ve spoken to Tom Nook at Resident Services and learned about the ongoing May Day event from him, head over to the Airport and speak with Orville at the counter! He’ll inform you that Tom Nook left a May Day Ticket at the airport with your name written on it.

You can use your free May Day Ticket at any time by selecting the “I wanna fly!” option followed by the “Use May Day Ticket” option presented to you by Orville.

How Many Times Can You Do The May Day Maze?

As far as we know, each player on an Animal Crossing: New Horizons island can only travel to the May Day Tour island and complete the May Day maze once during the event. It’s not possible to trade May Day Tickets with other players either, because it’s not an actual item held in your pockets.

We’ve heard that those who didn’t complete the maze might be able able to visit again with another May Day Ticket the next day, but haven’t been able to fully confirm that.

However, if you’d like to play the event and maze more than once, you can always create a second player character on your island with their own house. Then you should be able to get a second May Day Ticket on that character!

In our view though, there’s little reason to play the May Day event and maze multiple times as the rewards for completing are quite limited. There are more effective methods of making Bells in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and only one unique prize is available.

How To Complete The May Day Maze

It’s worth noting that when you visit the May Day tour island with the maze, your entire inventory will be emptied and stored with Dodo Airlines on your home island. That means you can’t bring any tools or other helpful items with you to the island, so don’t bother spending any time putting together an inventory to assist you!

Follow our detailed walk-through steps below to 100% complete the entire May Day maze on the island and unlock all of the rewards available for this event, including Rover’s Briefcase and up to 9 Bell Vouchers…

Step 1: Dig Up A Bush & A Tree

Start off your maze adventure by picking up the Shovel item on the ground in front of you and digging up the bush blocking your native fruit to the left. Pick up the fruit and eat it, allowing you to dig up the tree blocking the path forward.

Step 2: Follow Pathways To Pick Up Worn Axe, Tree Branches, Stone

After you’ve dug up the tree in front of you to progress forward, a number of new pathways will open up allowing you to pick up some tree branches, stone, and most importantly the Worn Axe.

Importantly, you should only use the Worn Axe to chop down trees. Don’t use the Worn Axe to break rocks or you won’t be able to properly complete the maze as it will break too soon!

Step 3: Chop Down The Top Left Tree With Worn Axe

Once you’ve gathered up all the materials you can find in the pathways, head to the top left of the maze to encounter a tree blocking off access to two native fruit and one tree branch behind it.

You’ll want to use the Worn Axe to chop down this tree and grab the items its blocking, although this will sadly destroy your axe. They didn’t call it the Worn Axe for nothing!

Step 4: Break Rock in Bottom Left for Iron Nuggets

After chopping down that tree using the Worn Axe, head back to the bottom left of the maze to find a rock blocking off access to an Iron Nugget.

Go ahead and eat one of your fruits to gain fruit energy allowing you to break that rock and grab the Iron Nugget.

Step 5: Break Another Rock and Chop Another Tree in Bottom Right for Crafting

Once you’ve got your valuable Iron Nugget picked up, head back over to the bottom right of the maze to find yet another rock and tree blocking off access to a handy dandy DIY Crafting Workbench! Be sure to pick up the Wood on the path to here as well.

You’ll need to eat yet another piece of fruit that you should have in your inventory to gain energy, and then use that energy to break the second rock.

Then on the other side of the rock, another fruit and tree will await you. Once again, pick up the fruit and eat it to dig up the tree in your way.

Step 6: Craft A Flimsy Axe, Then Axe

Behind the rock you’ve now broken and tree dug up, you can find two DIY Crafting recipes for the Flimsy Axe and Axe items. You almost certainly will already own the recipes for these items, but Nintendo has you covered here just in case.

Just walk up to the DIY Crafting Workbench to craft both the Flimsy Axe, and then the Axe! You’ve got all the tools required to escape the maze and meet Rover now.

Missing the materials to craft these items? Be sure to retrace your steps and hunt down any materials on the ground that you forgot to pick up! If you need tree branches, you could also just shake a tree.

Step 7: Chop Trees for More Fruit

First, head over straight left once you leave the area with the DIY Crafting Workbench to find a tree blocking two native fruits. Chop this tree down with your brand new shiny Axe to get the two fruits.

Technically, you don’t need to get these fruits if you only want the main prize item and don’t care about anything else. But by getting these extra fruit, you can gather all nine Bell Vouchers available on the island!

Next, walk back over to the area on the left side of the maze where you found the Iron Nugget just a bit earlier and chop down what should be the final remaining tree in the maze, besides the three in a row at the north end.

Step 8: Chop The Final 3 Trees North To Find Rover!

Follow the linear path behind the chopped down tree to pick up the third and final native fruit you’ll need for the Bell Vouchers until you find a row of three trees in a row at the very top of the island.

Use your handy Axe to chop down all three trees blocking your way and advance through to the campsite where you can find Rover sitting down! Chat with Rover to have this friendly cat introduce himself and give you the prize reward for completing the maze — Rover’s Briefcase.

Bonus Step 9: Dig Bushes & Break Rocks To Get Bell Vouchers

The first group of 4 Bell Vouchers can be found just to the left of Rover’s campsite behind some bushes. Just dig up the bushes to open up access to the four Bell Vouchers previously blocked off and pick them up!

A second group of 5 more Bell Vouchers can be accessed by digging the bushes north of Rover’s campsite allowing access to the outer ‘ring’ of the island. Follow the outside path of the hedge fences all the way to the top left, and then straight down to the bottom left.

You’ll find a set of three rocks blocking off the set of 5 Bell Vouchers, which you can destroy by eating the three remaining fruit you should have sitting in your inventory. Break those rocks after eating the fruit to get your final reward and finish the May Day tour island!

How To Reset May Day Maze Island If You Mess Up & Get Stuck

If you happen to mess up while trying to escape the May Day maze by digging up or chopping down the wrong trees, you can easily reset the island! You might need to do this to get all nine Bell Voucher prizes available as it’s not hard to screw it up.

To reset the May Day island and maze, open your NookPhone and launch the Rescue Service app with the helicopter icon found on the second page. For just 100 Nook Miles, Resetti’s rescue crew can help you out by resetting the maze and bringing you back to the beginning of the island!

If you’ve already left the May Day Tour island though, you won’t be able to use Rescue Services to solve your problem. Another possible solution is to play on a secondary player character, which you can learn more about in our What To Do If You Mess Up & Get Stuck On May Day Maze Island article here.

All May Day Maze Prizes & Rewards

There are two different types of prizes you can win during the May Day Event by visiting the May Day Tour island and bring home with you to your own island!

You won’t actually be able to take these items with you in your inventory though — they’ll instead be mailed to you by Dodo Airlines and you can find them in your mailbox at home.

How To Get Rover’s Briefcase

The main reward for completing the maze on the May Day island is Rover’s Briefcase! When you reach the end of the maze in the top right, you’ll discover the returning special character Rover sitting down on the ground waiting for you.

After speaking with Rover, he’ll give you his exclusive Rover’s Briefcase item for you to keep as a prize and keepsake for finding him through the tricky island maze! Unfortunately, this item cannot be customized though.

By the way, the Rover’s Briefcase item cannot be ordered from your Nook Shopping catalog. So be sure to hang onto the item in your storage if you wish to use it in the future!

How To Get Bell Vouchers

Throughout the May Day island, there’s one other type of prize you can find — Bell Vouchers! Two different groups of Bell Vouchers can be found on the ground with one group being easy to grab at the end with Rover, while the other group of vouchers can be a little more tricky.

Each of these Bell Vouchers can be sold for 3,000 Bells each to Timmy & Tommy at Nook’s Cranny! We’ll do the math for you quickly — that’s 12,000 Bells if you pick up the easy four Bell Vouchers and 27,000 Bells if you get all nine Bell Vouchers on the island.

Easy Bell Vouchers — Top Right

When you complete the May Day maze and discover Rover in the top right of the island, you can find a group of 4 Bell Vouchers worth 12,000 Bells hiding behind some bushes. Simply dig up one of the bushes to allow yourself access to the blocked off area and pick up the Bell Vouchers.

Harder Bell Vouchers — Bottom Left

Before you leave the May Day island, don’t forget to look for the second group of 5 Bell Vouchers found in the very bottom left of the island. They’re blocked off by three rocks in a row that you must destroy using a shovel and eating three fruit found on the island.

You can find the rocks by digging up the bushes north of the first Bell Vouchers group to access the outer ‘ring’ of the island and walk all the way around to the bottom left beach.

It’s quite easy to mess up at some point and skip picking up some of your fruit or use it to dig up trees you don’t need to, so you might not have enough fruit to break all three rocks. Assuming you do though, just hit the three rocks with your shovel to pick up the five Bell Vouchers worth 15,000 Bells!

Are There Multiple Different May Day Maze Islands?

Unfortunately, there’s only one maze layout and island available during the May Day event. Even on repeat visits during successive days, you’ll always be taken to the same island with the exact same maze layout.

That’s pretty disappointing in our opinion, but there’s nothing more to experience in the May Day event than what you can see on the first day. Hopefully if this event returns to Animal Crossing: New Horizons in the future, we’ll see multiple different layouts for the maze throughout the week to mix things up a bit!

Can You Take Home Bushes & Flowers From May Day Tour Island?

As tempting as it might be, don’t bother going around digging up all of the bushes on the May Day Tour island for keepsake purposes because you won’t be able to bring them with you. All of your items will be lost when you leave the island, except for the Rover’s Briefcase and Bell Voucher prizes you may have earned.

To get some of those beautiful bushes for your own island, be sure to hit up the special character Leif next time you spot him visiting your Resident Services plaza!

Where Are My May Day Tour Island Prizes & Items?

If you’ve gotten the Rover’s Briefcase prize from Rover and any handy Bell Vouchers on the May Day Tour island, don’t expect to find them in your inventory once you leave and find yourself home on your own island!

Don’t worry though, they haven’t disappeared from you. Instead, you can find both the Rover’s Briefcase reward and any Bell Vouchers you managed to pick up on your journey safely in your mailbox sent by Dodo Airlines. Be sure to check the mail before panicking!

This guide is a work in progress as we approach the event — it will be updated as we learn more! Please feel free to help us out in the comments below if you have anything to share from playing the event yourself, or find any errors. Special thanks to Murray for contributing screenshots to the guide!

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