Fae Farm Brings Fairies & Farming Together In New 4 Player Co-Op Cozy Life RPG

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An intriguing new enchanted fairy themed farming life simulator for Nintendo Switch is coming early next year!

Announced in the September 2022 Nintendo Direct earlier today, Fae Farm is the latest take on the cozy farming simulator genre and is planned for release during Spring 2023.

Frankly, there’s been a few too many new farming and life simulator games popping up lately, and they can start to all blend together as one at a certain point. But don’t let that dissuade you, as Fae Farm is offering a particularly polished and fresh take that’s worth a closer look in our view!

What Is Fae Farm?

Taking place on a beautiful enchanted island named Azoria, players in Fae Farm can explore the fairytale lifestyle of their dreams through crafting, farming, mining, fishing, collecting, battling, and more.

Decorating is an essential aspect of Fae Farm too, with outfits to customize your character and decorations for making your farm on Azoria unique to you. Apparently, cozier homes will unlock more rewards too, implying interior design could play a large part of the game like in Animal Crossing.

With a general theme of a magical fairytale environment, Fae Farm is presenting a bit of a different farming sim experience than we often see from the likes of Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, and others.

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Of course, the fun doesn’t stop at farming and housing as Fae Farm looks to boast a notable RPG presence too with dungeons to explore! Taking a peek at the relevant clips shown in the trailer, these ruins seem to be quite interactive with falling floors and bouncy plants — it looks like a blast, especially with friends.

And as expected on an island with living fairies, magic will be a key element of Fae Farm with a focus on magical spells for combat battles with enemies, expert farming, and general navigation on Azoria.

All of this comes wrapped up in a fantastic art style with great visuals that’s sure to please — perhaps some of the best we’ve ever seen in the genre lately. It’s bright, colorful, and bursting with a truly magical look.

According to creative director Katie De Sousa, the team behind Fae Farm “wanted to take our favorite elements of the sim genres we love, infuse them with magic and beautiful art, and wrap everything in a light-hearted cooperative experience.” I’d say they’re accomplishing exactly that so far.

Fae Farm’s 4 Player Co-Op Multiplayer

Perhaps most exciting is that Fae Farm is planned to feature online multiplayer co-op with up to 4 players, presumably in a similar style to how Stardew Valley offers 4 player co-op that’s much beloved by fans!

In the words of developer Phoenix Labs, you can engage in multiplayer with your friends to “share your progression by crafting items, tending crops, and exploring your surroundings together.” Players will be able to easily drop in and out quickly.

I can’t speak for everyone, but personally the ability to play together on a farm with three of my friends is what really took Stardew Valley to the next level for me as someone who struggles to stay engaged with a fully single-player experience sometimes. So this major feature alone bodes well for Fae Farm’s future success!

Fae Farm Release Date

You can play Fae Farm when it releases exclusively on Nintendo Switch next year in the Spring 2023 window. This one looks like a hit, so stay tuned for future coverage here at Animal Crossing World if there’s interest!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below if you’re getting the same promising feelings from Fae Farm as we are so far… I’m genuinely quite excited!

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