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March Fishing Guide: New Fish, Leaving Fish, Complete List

There are 28 fish that can be caught in your town during the month of March in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Be sure to catch all of them to complete your encyclopedia and museum!

New Fish in March

The following Fish are newly available to catch in your town and were not available in February:

  • Barred Knifejaw (ocean)
  • Char (waterfall)
  • Tadpole (pond)
  • Loach (river)
  • Cherry Salmon (river)
  • Rainbow Trout (river)

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Fish Leaving After March

The following Fish are leaving your town at the end of the month and will not available to catch in April:

  • Yellow Perch (river)
  • Football Fish (ocean)
  • Tuna (ocean)

All Fish Available in March

The following Fish are available to catch in your town during the month of March:

Pale Chub160TinyRiver9am to 4pm
Crucian Carp120SmallRiverAll Day
Dace200MediumRiver4pm to 9am
Barbel Steed200MediumRiverAll Day
Carp300MediumRiverAll Day
Koi4000MediumRiver4pm to 9am
Goldfish1300TinyRiverAll Day
Popeyed Goldfish1300TinyRiver9am to 4pm
Tadpole100TinyPondAll Day
Freshwater Goby300SmallRiver4pm to 9am
Loach300Small-MediumRiverAll Day
Bluegill120SmallRiver4pm to 9pm
Yellow Perch240Small-MediumRiverAll Day
Black Bass30LargeRiverAll Day
Cherry Salmon1000Small-MediumRiverMar - Jun:
4am to 9am & 4pm to 9pm
Sep - Nov:
9am to 4pm
Char3800Small-MediumWaterfallMar - Jun:
4am to 9am & 4pm to 9pm
Sep - Nov:
9am to 4pm
Rainbow Trout800MediumRiverMar - Jun:
4am to 9am & 4pm to 9pm
Sep - Nov:
9am to 4pm
Horse Mackerel150SmallOceanAlll Day
Barred Knifejaw5000MediumOceanAll Day
Sea Bass200Very LargeOceanAll Day
Red Snapper3000MediumOceanAll Day
Dab300MediumOceanAll Day
Olive Flounder800LargeOceanAll Day
Squid400SmallOceanAll Day
Football Fish2500LargeOcean4pm to 9am
Tuna7000HugeOceanAll Day
Oarfish9000HugeOceanAll Day
4pm to 9am

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Jeff C

I caught a Sturgeon at the River (Mouth) and it says that this fish is leaving after March and not returning until September in the fishing log. Active hours all day. Shadow was pretty big.


I just caught a golden trout as well!