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MEOW Coupons Currency (How to Earn / Get and Spend)

MEOW Coupons, or Mutual Exchange Of Wealth Coupons, are a new currency introduced in Animal Crossing: New Leaf’s Welcome amiibo update. They are earned and spent separately from the other Bell and Island Medal currencies, but can be converted into bells if desired.

How to Earn MEOW Coupons

MEOW Coupons are primarily gotten through completing daily and weekly Town Initiative quests, and using the CAT Machine at Town Hall afterwards to receive them. Each completed Town Initiative rewards between one and three coupons depending on difficulty level.

Another great way to get MEOW Coupons is playing the Desert Island Escape and Puzzle League mini-games, newly added in the Welcome amiibo update. If you are successful enough at these games, you will earn bonus coupons afterwards.

You can also gain five complimentary MEOW Coupons per in-game day when scanning a compatible amiibo figure or card with Wisp. Make sure to do this every day to maximize your coupons!

How to Spend MEOW Coupons

There are three different ways to spend your hard-earned MEOW Coupons in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

The main use for the coupons is ordering items from a villager or special character’s RV Trailer at Harvey’s Campground. When inside of a chracter’s RV Trailer, tap the Order button on the touch screen to bring up a list of items available to order. You can only order from this list using MEOW Coupons, so spend them wisely! Many of these items are only available from the RV Trailers.

A second use for spending MEOW Coupons is Harvey’s shop next to him at the Campground. Every day, like other shops in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Harvey will have new unique items available for purchase with MEOW Coupons. These items typically cost around five coupons each.

Converting MEOW Coupons to Bells

Another option for spending MEOW Coupons is converting them to Animal Crossing: New Leaf’s main Bells currency. You can do this by using the ABD at the Post Office on Main Street. The conversion rate is approximately 3,000 Bells per MEOW Coupon exchanged. This option is not available on your first day in town.

Beware here are many items exclusively obtainable through MEOW Coupons and you can only earn the coupons through a couple methods, unlike bells which are earned easily anywhere in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. For this reason, we recommend against converting to bells unless you are absolutely sure you have no remaining use for your coupons and need bells.

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