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Bloomin’ Booty with Kapp’n Gardening Event Guide

The Bloomin’ Booty with Kapp’n gardening event has begun in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for iOS and Android! It runs from July 6th, 2018 until July 16th, 2018. Learn how to grow event Sunflowers, catch Dappledot creatures, and get the full sunflower furniture set in our complete guide!

Plant and Grow Sunflowers to Catch Dappledots

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To get started with this gardening event, you’ll first need to head over to the entrance of your garden to the left of your campsite. Speak with the event host Kapp’n to obtain your first sunflower seeds for free. Once you’ve got some seeds, just start tapping on the dirt plots in your garden to plant and water them. Each plant has a timer and when the timer expires, the sunflower will bloom!

When sunflowers bloom during Bloomin’ Booty with Kapp’n, there’s a random chance of a Dappledot creature spawning on top of the plant. (some sunflowers have a greater chance than others of spawning a creature) Once a creature is ready and waiting, you’ll have to tap on it to attempt a catch.

When you attempt a catch, there’s another random chance of the catch failing, so unfortunately this event has a lot of luck involved. If you do successfully catch a creature, it will be added to your event task counts!

The corresponding sunflowers and spawning creatures are as follows:

  • Yellow Sunflowers produce blue Riverside Dappledots
  • White Sunflowers produce red Hillside Dappledots
  • Orange Sunflowers produce both light blue Sunrise Dappledots and black Sunset Dappledots

When you run out of seeds and need more, there are four main ways to get yourself more:

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Complete Tasks for Sunflower Rewards

When you catch Dapledot creatures in your garden, they count towards event tasks that reward fun Sunflower related prizes. In between the sunflower rewards, you can also get various villager essences and flower food to help you out.

Part 1 Tasks

1-1Catch 3 Riverside DappledotsSunflower Shades
1-2Catch 6 Riverside Dappledots15 Flower Food
1-3Catch 9 Riverside Dappledots5 Modern Essence
1-4Catch 12 Riverside Dappledots5 Leaf Tickets
1-5Catch 15 Riverside DappledotsSunflower Shades
1-6Catch 20 Riverside Dappledots10 Historical Essence
1-7Catch 25 Riverside DappledotsSunflower Patch
1-8Catch 30 Riverside Dappledots40 Flower Food
1-9Catch 40 Riverside DappledotsSunflower Folding Chair
1-10Catch 60 Riverside Dappledots15 Elegant Essence
1-11Catch 70 Riverside Dappledots15 Modern Essence
1-12Catch 80 Riverside DappledotsSunflower Dress
2-1Catch 3 Hillside Dappledots15 Flower Food
2-2Catch 6 Hillside DappledotsSunflower Patch
2-3Catch 9 Hillside Dappledots5 Cute Essence
2-4Catch 12 Hillside DappledotsSunflower Folding Chair
2-5Catch 15 Hillside Dappledots10 Hip Essence
2-6Catch 20 Hillside DappledotsSunflower Patch
2-7Catch 25 Hillside Dappledots10 Historical Essence
2-8Catch 30 Hillside Dappledots40 Flower Food
2-9Catch 40 Hillside DappledotsSunflower Folding Chair
2-10Catch 50 Hillside DappledotsSunflower Arch
2-11Catch 60 Hillside Dappledots20 Leaf Tickets

This table has two pages, click Next to access the second page of tasks!

Part 2 Tasks

3-1Catch 3 Sunrise DappledotsFlowery Picnic Blanket
3-2Catch 6 Sunrise Dappledots10 Historical Essence
3-3Catch 9 Sunrise Dappledots10 Harmonious Essence
3-4Catch 12 Sunrise Dappledots5 Rustic Essence
3-5Catch 15 Sunrise Dappledots40 Flower Food
3-6Catch 20 Sunrise DappledotsSunflower Folding Chair
3-7Catch 25 Sunrise DappledotsSunflower Arch
3-8Catch 30 Sunrise Dappledots10 Modern Essence
3-9Catch 40 Sunrise DappledotsSunflower Seesaw
3-10Catch 50 Sunrise Dappledots25 Leaf Tickets
4-1Catch 2 Sunset DappledotsSunflower Patch
4-2Catch 6 Sunset Dappledots10 Elegant Essence
4-3Catch 9 Sunset Dappledots15 Leaf Tickets
4-4Catch 12 Sunset Dappledots40 Flower Food
4-5Catch 15 Sunset DappledotsSunflower Patch
4-6Catch 20 Sunset DappledotsFlowery Picnic Blanket
4-7Catch 25 Sunset Dappledots10 Harmonious Essence
4-8Catch 30 Sunset DappledotsSunflower Arch
4-9Catch 35 Sunset DappledotsSunfower-Field Windmill
4-10Catch 45 Sunset DappledotsSparkle Stone

This table has two pages, click Next to access the second page of tasks!

Don’t Forget to Share Your Dappledots

The essential key to completing a gardening event in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp successfully is making full use of the sharing features! Whenever you have Dappledots sitting in your inventory, share them with friends. Just visit a friend’s garden from the friends list and place your creatures on any grown sunflowers they have available. After sharing, you’ll receive sunflower seeds and friend powder to help you progress in the event.

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It’s important to note that sharing creatures never effects your personal task counts and rewards — there’s absolutely no reason not to share, you can only benefit! Share as much as you can to help yourself get seeds and to help your friends progress in their own tasks. By sharing back and forth with a friend, you can complete the event much faster than on your own.

Complete Timed Goals for Leaf Tickets, Essences, and More

Like most other Pocket Camp events, Bloomin’ Booty with Kapp’n boasts a ton of Timed Goals to complete for bonus rewards. You’ll get extra sunflower seeds, villager essences, bells, and most importantly 40 free Leaf Tickets!

Plant seeds 10 times5 Steel
Plant seeds 20 times10 Preserves
Plant seeds 30 times15 Cotton
Plant seeds 40 times20 Wood
Plant seeds 50 time25 Paper
Plant seeds 100 times3000 Bells
Plant seeds 150 times10 Sporty Essence
Plant seeds 200 times10 Leaf Tickets
Plant seeds 250 times10 Elegant Essence
Catch 5 rare creatures5 Paper
Catch 10 rare creatures10 Preserves
Catch 20 rare creatures15 Wood
Catch 30 rare creatures20 Cotton
Catch 40 rare creatures25 Steel
Catch 50 rare creatures2500 Bells
Catch 70 rare creatures10 Natural Essence
Catch 100 rare creatures10 Leaf Tickets
Catch 150 rare creatures10 Rustic Eessence
Harvest flowers 10 times10 White Sunflower Seeds
Harvest flowers 20 times1000 Bells
Harvest flowers 30 times20 Paper
Harvest flowers 50 times20 Cotton
Harvest flowers 100 times3000 Bells
Harvest flowers 150 times10 Cool Essence
Harvest flowers 200 times5000 Bells
Harvest flowers 250 times20 Leaf Tickets

This table has three pages, click Next to access the second and third pages of timed goals!

Trade in Sunflowers for Potted Plants and More

Don’t forget to trade in your harvest sunflowers to the Lloid gyroid to get the full benefits from your hard work during this event. We won’t list everything here but the main highlights are Potted Sunflower Plants tradable for 20 matching sunflowers each.

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Various villager essences and crafting materials are available too if you’re in need of a particular resource. And most importantly, you can trade in White Sunflowers for Orange Sunflower Seeds in the second part of the event.

Complete Your Campsite with Matching Terrain

Releasing alongside this event, two new matching Sunflower terrains are available to purchase with Leaf Tickets in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. With these new terrains, you can completely match your campsite with the event items from Bloomin’ Booty with Kapp’n to create the complete sunflower theme!

The Sunflower Field (middle) costs 250 Leaf Tickets and adds sunflower patches to the background of your campsite. The Sunflower Field (fore) costs 150 Leaf Tickets and adds matching sunflowers to the front of your camp.

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