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Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt #4 Denim Complete Event Guide

The fourth Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt, featuring a strong denim theme, has begun in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for iOS and Android! It runs from August 20th, 2018 until August 29th, 2018. Learn how to find Denim Gyroidites, craft cool denim furniture, and get the denim clothing set in our complete guide!

How to Find and Collect Denim Gyroidites

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In this event, you’ll be hunting down and collecting special Denim Gyroidites to progress, but don’t worry — it’s super easy! These gyroidites are a special item that appears in-game across the map during the event, even in the Marketplace and OK Motors! Sometimes you’ll see them in plain sight on the ground and other times they are found cleverly hidden behind obstructions or inside trees. Regardless of where it is, just tap the Denim Gyroidite when you see one somewhere to have your character pick it up!

Denim Gyroidites appear at a rate of about one per ten minutes in a random location, with a batch of five about once per hour in the next location you visit. Importantly, there’s a hard limit of ten Denim Gyroidites that can be present on the map at once.

To ensure you grab as many as possible and don’t miss out on a significant amount, be sure to keep checking back on the game every couple hours to maximize your findings. Logging in once or twice per day to collect many at a time won’t yield nearly as many as checking frequently throughout the day, due to the cap of ten at a time!

There’s other ways to collect Denim Gyroidites besides just hunting in the map locations though. They can be found in Shovelstrike Quarry at select random times during the event. Seek help from five friends to enter for free each day, or pay up 20 Leaf Tickets to get in. Villagers at your campsite can give them as a gift too sometimes when you speak to them.

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How to Craft Denim Furniture and Clothing

Now that you hopefully have gathered some Denim Gyroidites in your storage, it’s time to begin crafting this event’s limited time items! Get started by tapping on the Event tab in the Craft menu at the bottom of your screen. Tap on an item to begin crafting it assuming you’ve collected enough Gyroidites! Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt #4 features a complete set of five new articles of clothing and three new pieces of furniture.

Difficulty: The difficulty of this Gyroidite event is slightly harder than the previous one. You’ll need to collect about 30 more Gyroidites than last time to complete the event’s item set.

Here’s the complete list of what you can craft with Denim Gyroidites during Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt #4:

Denim Sofa100 Denim Gyroidites
Denim Patchwork Rug80 Denim Gyroidites
Denim Overall Dress50 Denim Gyroidites
Denim Cap30 Denim Gyroidites
Denim Headband30 Denim Gyroidites
Denim Slip-Ons20 Denim Gyroidites

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Additionally, two more items can only be purchased with Leaf Tickets:

Denim Display Table100 Leaf Tickets
Denim Shirt50 Leaf Tickets

Event Goals: Get Free Leaf Tickets and Bells!

Be sure to check out the Event Goals available for a limited time during Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt #4. They’re a fantastic opportunity to collect 40 free Leaf Tickets and 13,000 Bells! Note that goals are available in sets, one at a time, with an overall bonus reward for completing each set.

Here’s the full list of all the goals available in Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt #4 with set bonus rewards highlighted in bold:

Find some denim gyroidite and pick it up.100 Bells
Denim gyroidite hunting! Pick up 10.500 Bells
Craft some denim slip-ons.1000 Bells
Complete all 3 of the above goals (Set 1)10 Leaf Tickets
Denim gyroidite hunting! Pick up 30.500 Bells
Denim gyroidite hunting! Pick up 70.1000 Bells
Craft Denim Cap.1500 Bells
Craft Denim Headband.2000 Bells
Complete all 4 of the above goals (Set 2)10 Leaf Tickets
Denim gyroidite hunting! Pick up 100.500 Bels
Craft Denim Overall Dress.1000 Bells
Craft Denim Patchwork Rug.2000 Bells
Complete all 3 of the above goals (Set 3)10 Leaf Tickets
Denim gyroidite hunting! Pick up 250.1000 Bells
Craft Denim Sofa.2000 Bells
Complete all 2 of the above goals (Set 4)10 Leaf Tickets

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