Nintendo Unveils New Animal Crossing Minigame At E3 2021… For WarioWare?

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It turns out that this year’s E3 wasn’t entirely missing Animal Crossing content, technically speaking, but certainly not in the way that anyone could have expected!

Seen at the tail end of the Nintendo Treehouse Live at E3 stream yesterday, an Animal Crossing themed mini-game was briefly revealed this week to be included as part of the latest new WarioWare game.

WarioWare: Get It Together is a new game, just announced at E3 2021, that brings the often forgotten Wario franchise to Nintendo Switch where players complete silly bite sized mini-games that are just seconds long in quick succession.

As part of this latest installment in the series, a variety of Nintendo themed mini-games have been packed into the game including entries for Animal Crossing, Splatoon, Fire Emblem, and Luigi’s Mansion.

It’s not the first time for Animal Crossing either as past titles WarioWare: Smooth Moves and WarioWare Gold actually featured an Animal Crossing: Wild World themed fishing mini-game too! (image via Mario Wiki)

Oddly though, the newest Animal Crossing mini-game appears to be closely related to Animal Crossing: New Leaf based on the choice of graphical assets and more. It’s a strange choice given how the art style of New Leaf looks surprisingly out of date now compared to New Horizons, but WarioWare has done this with other inspired mini-games too.

We always love seeing the continuation of Animal Crossing’s world dominance by appearing in so many places you’d never expect, and this is just another example. Whether that be Animal Crossing characters in Super Smash Bros, product collaborations with companies like Build-A-Bear and Colourpop, or UNIQLO’s recent clothing lineup.

In the context of this year’s no-show for Animal Crossing at E3 though, we must admit it’s a bit odd for Animal Crossing’s only appearance to come in the form of a WarioWare mini-game. Let us know in the comments below if you have any interest in WarioWare: Get It Together and whether you’ll be picking it up!

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