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Highlights from an interview with the developers of Animal Crossing: New Leaf

7 years ago 2 Comments

To celebrate the game’s release in Japan, Famitsu sat down with some of the developers of Animal Crossing: New Leaf to ask them about the game’s development. Of course, it was in Japanese but now Polygon has translated the interview and posted some highlights of it.

Here’s an excerpt from the article with sound director Kazumi Totaka discussing the game’s new music and sound effects:

Totaka led up a sound team in New Leaf that came up with so much new original music for this game that he has trouble picking a favorite. Music wasn’t his only focus, though. “We made an effort to program the sound engine such things like the sounds of rivers and insects were expanded upon,” he said. “A game’s sound is about a lot more than just music, after all; sound effects and the code driving it all play equally important roles. Everyone involved keeps piling up features based on what they’re good at, and we create this world together.”

To see the rest of the interview, head over to Polygon.

Promotional 7 Eleven furniture coming to Animal Crossing: New Leaf in Japan

7 years ago 57 Comments

Japan is getting some promotional 7 Eleven furniture in December. These items include a 7 Eleven model shop, a counter with a cash register, and more.

Just bring your 3DS to a local 7 Eleven in Japan to wirelessly receive the exclusive furniture in your Animal Crossing game. You’ll want to come multiple times throughout the month as new furniture will be offered every week.

What are your thoughts on these types of promotions? Does it add to or take from the game’s atmosphere to have outside branded products like these in the game?

Starting details for Animal Crossing: New Leaf

7 years ago 10 Comments

The first starting details for Animal Crossing: New Leaf are coming in from players in Japan who got hold of the game a day early. Personally, I don’t consider these to be spoilers but if you are very sensitive you may want to refrain from viewing. To see the information, click Continue Reading. 

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No Voice Chat in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

7 years ago 17 Comments

After City Folk offered voice chat through Wii Speak, some have hoped that New Leaf would support voice chat through the 3DS microphone. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

In a Question and Answer page on the Japanese site, it’s revealed that the game offers no Voice Chat. Of course, you can still use the keyboard on the second screen to type just like before. Still, it would have been nice to have voice chat.

(here’s the Japanese Q&A page)

Iwata: No paid DLC for Animal Crossing: New Leaf

7 years ago 5 Comments

With Nintendo now producing and selling paid DLC for some of their games (Fire Emblem, New Super Mario Bros. 2), there have been concerns regarding this for Animal Crossing. Imagine paying real money for more furniture.

That’s no longer a concern though as Iwata has confirmed that after an intensive discussion with the development team a decision has been made to avoid selling DLC/add-on content for a cost. Most likely the free DLC support that Wild World and City Folk had will continue with New Leaf in the future.

The exact quote from Iwata:

For example, some might say that it would be unbelievably profitable to provide paid add-on content for “Animal Crossing: New Leaf,” but we were concerned that a game in which you enjoy yourself more by the power of money would not be suitable, and we decided to avoid such a feature after an intensive discussion with the development team.