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Isabelle’s Garden Gathering Event Guide: How to Get Pinwheetles

The Isabelle’s Garden Gathering gardening event has begun in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for iOS and Android, running from July 31st to August 9th. Learn how to grow event Morning Glory flowers, catch Pinwheetle creatures, and get the full Summer Festival set in our complete guide!

Plant and Grow Morning Glories to Catch Pinwheetles

When you first approach your garden, Isabelle will speak with you the first time you approach your garden, sharing some of your very first Morning Glory seeds for free. With your new seeds, just tap on empty dirt plots in your garden to plant and water them. When the timer on a plant ends, the Morning Glory will bloom!

When Morning Glories bloom during Isabelle’s Garden Gathering, there’s a random chance of a Pinwheetle creature spawning on top of the plant. Once a creature is ready and waiting, you’ll have to tap on it to attempt a catch. Then when attempting a catch, there’s another random chance of the catch failing. If you do successfully catch a creature, it will be added to your event task counts for special rewards!

The corresponding Morning Glory flower and Pinwheetle creature matches are as follows:

  • Blue Morning Glories spawn Green Pinwheetles
  • Violet Morning Glories spawn Red Pinwheetles
  • Part 2: Pink Morning Glories spawn Blue Pinwheetles and Golden Pinwheetles

As a special bonus, this gardening event has increased spawn and catch rates compared to previous events! While we don’t know the exact numbers, see the table below for the typical gardening event rates before the bonus rates:

Green Pinwheetle60%80%
Red Pinwheetle48%69%
Blue Pinwheetle30%65%
Golden Pinwheetle20%61%

How to Get More Morning Glory Seeds

When you’re all out of Morning Glory seeds to plant in your garden and need more to continue growing, there are five ways to get yourself flower seeds for this event:

Complete Tasks for Summer Festival Rewards

The main goal of this event is to catch rare Pinwheetle creatures in your garden! When you do so, your catches will count towards event tasks that reward items in the Garden Gathering set, with many items themed to the Summer Festival.

In addition to the main prizes, you’ll also get Morning-Glory Fans event material for the ongoing Fan Fair Festivities seasonal event in August.

Part 1 Tasks

1-1Catch 1 Green PinwheetleMorning-Glory Fan
1-2Catch 5 Green Pinwheetle
Festival Lantern Canal
1-3Catch 10 Green Pinwheetle3 Sporty Essence
1-4Catch 15 Green Pinwheetle2 Morning-Glory Fans
1-5Catch 25 Green Pinwheetle3 Cute Essence
1-6Catch 32 Green Pinwheetle
Morning-Glory Bench
1-7Catch 40 Green Pinwheetle3 Cool Essence
1-8Catch 50 Green Pinwheetle2 Morning-Glory Fans
1-9Catch 65 Green Pinwheetle
Candy-Apple Stand
1-10Catch 80 Green Pinwheetle
Beige Floral Screen
2-1Catch 1 Red Pinwheetle2 Morning-Glory Fans
2-2Catch 5 Red Pinwheetle
Morning-Glory Lanterns
2-3Catch 10 Red Pinwheetle3 Natural Essence
2-4Catch 16 Red Pinwheetle
Morning-Glory Bench
2-5Catch 20 Red Pinwheetle3 Rustic Essence
2-6Catch 24 Red Pinwheetle
Morning-Glory Lanterns
2-7Catch 30 Red Pinwheetle3 Hip Essence
2-8Catch 38 Red Pinwheetle3 Morning-Glory Fans
2-9Catch 48 Red PinwheetleHarmonious Essence
2-10Catch 60 Red Pinwheetle
Candy-Apple Stand

This table has two pages, click Next to access the second page of tasks!

Part 2 Tasks

Part 2 of Isabelle’s Garden Gathering began on August 4th!

3-1Catch 1 Blue Pinwheetle4 Morning-Glory Fans
3-2Catch 3 Blue Pinwheetle
Morning-Glory Bench
3-3Catch 8 Blue Pinwheetle3 Elegant Essence
3-4Catch 15 Blue Pinwheetle4 Morning-Glory Fans
3-5Catch 20 Blue Pinwheetle
Pinwheel Screen
3-6Catch 25 Blue Pinwheetle3 Modern Essence
3-7Catch 32 Blue Pinwheetle4 Morning-Glory Fans
3-8Catch 45 Blue Pinwheetle
Toy-Fish Scooping Booth
4-1Catch 1 Golden Pinwheetle4 Morning-Glory Fans
4-2Catch 3 Golden Pinwheetle
Morning-Glory Bench
4-3Catch 6 Golden Pinwheetle3 Historical Essence
4-4Catch 10 Golden Pinwheetle
Green Floral Screen
4-5Catch 16 Golden Pinwheetle4 Morning-Glory Fans
4-6Catch 24 Golden Pinwheetle3 Civic Essence
4-7Catch 32 Golden Pinwheetle
Pinwheel Screen
4-8Catch 40 Golden Pinwheetle
Beige Wind-Chime Trellis

This table has two pages, click Next to access the second page of tasks!

Part 2 Bonus Hard Tasks

This event features an additional set of particularly difficult Hard Tasks in Part 2, which are only unlocked after completing all other tasks above.

Don’t Forget to Share Your Pinwheetles

The essential key to successfully completing a gardening event in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is making full use of the sharing features! While it’s possible to play solo, we highly recommend sharing with friends for the best experience.

Whenever you have Pinwheetles in your inventory after catching them, make sure to share them with friends! Just open your friends list, visit their garden, and place your creatures on any grown Morning Glories they have sitting there.

After you share creatures, you’ll receive Morning Glory seeds to help you grow more. Plus, you’ll even get some Friend Powder too, which is helpful for other features in Pocket Camp!

It’s important to note that sharing creatures never negatively effects your personal task counts and rewards — there’s absolutely no reason not to share, you can only benefit! Always share as much as possible to help yourself get more seeds, while helping your friends progress in their own tasks. If you can share creatures back and forth with a buddy throughout the event, you’ll make great progress!

Event Goals for Leaf Tickets, Fertilizer, Bells

Isabelle’s Garden Gathering has plenty of Event Goals available to complete for extra rewards. You’ll get bells, flower fertilizer, and most importantly free 15 Leaf Tickets! Note that goals are available in sets, one at a time, with an overall bonus reward for completing each set.

Here’s what you need to do to complete all the Event Goals and earn every reward:

  • Plant seeds 450 times
  • Harvest flowers 500 times
  • Catch 250 rare creatures

Trade in Flowers for Potted Morning Glories, Seeds, Flower Food, and Duplicates

When you’ve harvested lots of Morning Glories to make room for growing more, don’t forget to trade them in to Lloid the Gyroid to get the full benefits from your hard work during this event. In terms of unique furniture, you can exchange your flowers in for potted versions of each plant for 20 matching Morning Glories each.

You can even get duplicates of select items from this gardening event if you really like them and want more! Here’s the duplicates you can trade your Pink Morning Glories in for:

  • Isabelle Mask: 30 Pink Morning Glories
  • Morning-Glory Lanterns: 40 Pink Morning Glories
  • Festival Lantern Canal: 50 Pink Morning Glories

Flower Food is available too if you’re looking to speed up future growth of flowers. Most importantly though, you can trade up lower quality Morning Glories into higher quality Morning Glory seeds if you don’t have enough!


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