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Fan Fair Festivities Guide: How to Get Morning-Glory Fans, Upcoming Events

The Fan Fair Festivities Seasonal Event in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (iOS and Android) has begun and runs until August 27th!

During this seasonal event, collect Morning-Glory Fans throughout the month by participating in the limited-time gardening, scavenging, and fishing events.

How to Get Morning-Glory Fans

The main way to get Morning-Glory Fans during this seasonal event is to participate in every major Pocket Camp event happening in August. This includes a gardening event, a fishing tourney event, and a gyroidite scavenger event. Each event will award you Morning-Glory Fans when you participate in them and complete goals.

For example, during the Isabelle’s Garden Gathering gardening event, you can earn Morning-Glory Fans for catching rare Pinwheetles creatures to complete tasks and finish goals.

Another way to get Morning-Glory Fans is to purchase the Fan Fair Seasonal Pack for real money, which contains 30 Leaf Tickets and 5 Morning-Glory Fans. The pack costs $1 each and be purchased up to 5 times. This is a good option if you miss out on one of the events or you’re just impatient and want the prizes faster.

Fan Fair Festivities Seasonal Event Goals & Rewards

There are three main summer festival themed rewards available for collecting Morning-Glory Fans during the seasonal event period, in addition to other bonus items like Leaf Tickets and Reissue Material.

When you collect enough Morning-Glory Fans for a goal, complete the goal under the goals menu found by tapping the fan icon on the right side of the screen at your campsite.

Check out all of the rewards in the Fan Fair Festivities and how many Morning-Glory Fans you need to collect to get them:

Collect 1 Morning-Glory Fan
Morning-Glory Hairpin
Collect 2 Morning-Glory FansSparkle Stone
Collect 4 Morning-Glory Fans3 Leaf Tickets
Collect 8 Morning-Glory FansReissue Material
Collect 9 Morning-Glory Fans3 Leaf Tickets
Collect 10 Morning-Glory Fans3 Leaf Tickets
Collect 12 Morning-Glory FansSparkle Stone
Collect 14 Morning-Glory Fans
Standing Paper Lantern
Collect 16 Morning-Glory FansReissue Material
Collect 20 Morning-Glory Fans3 Leaf Tickets
Collect 22 Morning-Glory Fans
Morning-Glory Hairpin
Collect 25 Morning-Glory FansSparkle Stone
Collect 28 Morning-Glory Fans
Standing Paper Lantern
Collect 32 Morning-Glory FansReissue Material
Collect 36 Morning-Glory FansLotsa Leaf Tickets Map
Collect 38 Morning-Glory Fans
Standing Paper Lantern
Collect 42 Morning-Glory FansBuncha Bells Map
Collect 46 Morning-Glory Fans
Standing Paper Lantern
Collect 50 Morning-Glory FansReissue Material
Collect 55 Morning-Glory Fans3 Leaf Tickets
Collect 60 Morning-Glory Fans
Standing Paper Lantern
Collect 65 Morning-Glory FansBuncha Bells Map
Collect 70 Morning-Glory Fans
Standing Paper Lantern
Collect 75 Morning-Glory FansReissue Material
Collect 80 Morning-Glory Fans3 Leaf Tickets
Collect 82 Morning-Glory FansReissue Material Map
Collect 84 Morning-Glory FansSparkle Stone Map
Collect 86 Morning-Glory Fans3 Leaf Tickets
Collect 88 Morning-Glory FansReissue Maetrial Map
Collect 90 Morning-Glory Fans
Wishful Shrine

This table has two pages, click Next to access the second page of rewards!

If the same trends as the previous seasonal events stay the same, the three major events will provide up to 30 Morning-Glory Fans each. That means you’ll need to fully participate in all three events during the month to get the final Wishful Shrine item! Alternatively, you can purchase Fan Fair Seasonal Packs if you skip parts of an event.

Event materials cannot be transferred over to other events, but you can sell your Morning-Glory Fans for 1,000 Bells each in the Event Material tab of your inventory. You should do this after the event has concluded when there’s no longer any use for them.

Major Fan Fair Festivities Events & Dates

As you’ll need to collect Morning-Glory Fans from participating in all three major events throughout the month, it’s good to know what those events are and when they are taking place to plan ahead. Here’s a look at the three major events happening in August that you can earn seasonal event material from:

Fishing Tourney Fireworks

Fishing Tourney Fireworks is a fishing tournament event where you catch sparkling tourney fish in the ocean or river and turn them into Chip. This time around, the event is themed to summer festival fireworks! Reach total-size goal milestones for this event to earn Summer Festival themed items and Morning-Glory Fans event material.

August 7th Update: In the latest update to Pocket Camp, new images were found in the game’s files showing off the new fish we will catch in the tourney as well as the new fireworks themed furniture we can get as prizes!

Here’s the four fish that are likely to be caught as special tourney fish during the event and the eight items that will be prizes for reaching milestones in the tourney:

This fishing event is sure to be extra special as Nintendo has announced it will guarantee up to 100 free Leaf tickets if you fully participate in everything, far more than the usual amount for an event like this!

The event will begin on August 12th at 11PM Pacific Time after the Isabelle’s Garden Gathering event ends. Up to 30 Morning-Glory Fans can be collected during this event.

Choco-Mint Scavenger Hunt

Choco-Mint Scavenger Hunt is an item scavenger event where you search around Pocket Camp’s various locations to find special Choco-Mint Gyroidite items on the ground and in trees. Collect them to craft new Summer Festival items and complete Event Goals for Morning-Glory Fans event material.

The event begins in Late-August after the Fishing Tourney: Fireworks event ends. Up to 30 Morning-Glory Fans can be collected during this event.

Isabelle’s Garden Gathering Event

Isabelle’s Garden Gathering is a gardening event where you plant flowers in your campsite garden to collect rare Pinwheetle creatures for everyone’s favorite secretary Isabelle. By completing tasks, you can collect Garden Gathering furniture items and Morning-Glory Fans event material.

The event runs from July 28th to August 9th. Part 2 begins on August 4th. Up to 30 Morning-Glory Fans can be collected during this event.

Minor Fan Fair Festivities Events and Content

While the major events above are the only ways to get Morning-Glory Fans during this seasonal event, there’s more minor events and new content releasing for August!

Special Log-In Bonuses

Beginning on August 1st and running for 14 days until August 14th, the login bonuses in Pocket Camp will be supercharged with special bonuses to celebrate the summer festival season!

Here’s what you can get for logging in during the first two weeks of August:

  • Day 1: Isabelle Mask
  • Day 2: 40 Flower Food
  • Day 3: 10 Leaf Tickets
  • Day 4: 40 Flower Food
  • Day 5: 5 Reissue Material
  • Day 6: 40 Flower Food
  • Day 7: 10 Leaf Tickets
  • Day 8: Fishing Tourney Net
  • Day 9: 10 Leaf Tickets
  • Day 10: Fishing Tourney Net
  • Day 11: 5 Reissue Material
  • Day 12: 10 Leaf Tickets
  • Day 13: Fishing Tourney Net
  • Day 14: 10 Leaf Tickets

Be sure to login to Pocket Camp every day to get everything!

Yukata Collections: New for 2019 and 2018 Restock

Perfect for the summer festival season, a brand new Yukata Collection of clothing items is here and can be crafted for Leaf Tickets. Plus, the previous collection of items released last year in 2018 is back if you missed out!

Here’s a full list of what the 2019 Yukata Collection includes:

  • Pink Rose Yukata: 180 Leaf Tickets
  • Purple Rose Yukata: 160 Leaf Tickets
  • Burgundy Yukata Dress: 160 Leaf Tickets
  • Navy Campsite Yukata: 160 Leaf Tickets
  • Blue Floral Yukata: 140 Leaf Tickets
  • Black Yukata Dress: 140 Leaf Tickets
  • Beige Floral Yukata: 120 Leaf Tickets
  • Yellow Campsite Yukata: 120 Leaf Tickets
  • Black-And-White Zori: 40 Leaf Tickets
  • Black-And-Red Zori: 40 Leaf Tickets
  • Pink-And-Purple Zori: 40 Leaf Tickets

The 2019 Yukata Collection will be available to craft until August 22nd.

Redd’s Mask Emporium Reissue

Back from last year, the Redd’s Mask Emporium special character furniture has returned and can now be purchased again as of August 7th!

For a look at exactly how Redd’s furniture and himself looks in your campsite, check out the short video below:

You can purchase Redd’s Mask Emporium for 350 Leaf Tickets under the Reissue section of the crafting menu until it disappears back into the vault again after August 27th, 2019.

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