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Golden Tools: How to Unlock Golden Axe, Shovel, Watering Can, Fishing Rod, Net

The Golden Tools are the highest tier of tools you can craft in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and can be unlocked by completing various tasks. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock and craft every Golden Tool in the game.

Golden Tools Can Still Break in New Horizons

Even though Golden Tools may be the highest level of tools you can craft in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, they can still break eventually with enough use like all other tools in the game. Of course, they do last longer than other lower-tier tools, so keep that in mind.

This includes the Golden Axe, which can now break, unlike previous Animal Crossing games where the Golden Axe had unlimited durability and would last forever.

Don’t Sell Your Gold Nuggets — You Need Them

As you’ll learn in the sections below, every Golden Tool item requires a Gold Nugget crafting material in order to craft them! You’ve likely come across a couple of these so far in your Animal Crossing: New Horizons adventures and we highly recommend you hang onto them.

You can get Gold Nuggets as a very rare random chance from hitting rocks each day with your shovel or axe. We believe there is a higher drop rate for Gold Nuggets when hitting rocks on mystery islands using Nook Miles Tickets, but that’s not certain at this time.

While it may be tempting to sell them at 10,000 Bells a piece, you’ll surely regret that when the time comes to craft fun late-game items like Golden Tools and special furniture.

How to Unlock Golden Axe

The Golden Axe D.I.Y crafting recipe can be unlocked in Animal Crossing: New Horizons after breaking 100 axe tools. That’s right, you’ll need to break a total of 100 axe tool items to unlock the Golden Axe!

It’s worth noting that this can be any type of axe, so if your goal is to unlock the Golden Axe as quickly as possible, then the fastest method would be to break 100 Flimsy Axes as they have the least durability and will break sooner.

How to Craft Golden Axe

Once you have unlocked the Golden Axe crafting recipe, it can be crafted using the following materials at any workbench:

  • 1 Gold Nugget
  • 1 Axe

How to Unlock Golden Shovel

The Golden Shovel D.I.Y crafting recipe can be unlocked in Animal Crossing: New Horizons after meeting Gulliver on your island and helping him out with his broken NookPhone 30 different times.

You can meet Gulliver when he randomly washes up on your beach shore and you wake him up. After waking him up, he will ask you to help repair his NookPhone by collecting 5 Communicator Parts hidden in the sand on the beach. Use your shovel to dig up the parts and return them to Gulliver.

How to Craft Golden Shovel

Once you have unlocked the Golden Shovel crafting recipe, it can be crafted using the following materials at any workbench:

  • 1 Gold Nugget
  • 1 Shovel

How to Unlock Golden Fishing Rod

The Golden Fishing Rod D.I.Y crafting recipe can be unlocked after catching every fish creature in Animal Crossing: New Horizons at least one time. Check the Fish section of your Critterpedia app on your NookPhone to keep track of which fish you have caught so far.

How to Craft Golden Fishing Rod

Once you have unlocked the Golden Fishing Rod crafting recipe, it can be crafted using the following materials at any workbench:

  • 1 Gold Nugget
  • 1 Fishing Rod

How to Unlock Golden Net

The Golden Net D.I.Y crafting recipe can be unlocked after catching every bug and insect creature in Animal Crossing: New Horizons at least one time. Check the Bugs section of your Critterpedia app on your NookPhone to keep track of which bugs and insects you have caught so far.

How to Craft Golden Net

Once you have unlocked the Golden Net crafting recipe, it can be crafted using the following materials at any workbench:

  • 1 Gold Nugget
  • 1 Net

How to Unlock Golden Watering Can

The Golden Watering Can D.I.Y crafting recipe can be unlocked after reaching the Five Star island rating in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. At some point after you have upgraded Resident Services into the  Town Hall, you can speak with Isabelle to inquire about the current star rating of your island.

How to Craft Golden Watering Can

Once you have unlocked the Golden Watering Can crafting recipe, it can be crafted using the following materials at any workbench:

  • 1 Gold Nugget
  • 1 Watering Can

How to Unlock Golden Slingshot

The Golden Slingshot D.I.Y crafting recipe unlock has not been discovered yet in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but it is likely unlocked by hitting a high number of balloons down from the sky or breaking a high number of slingshots.

We will update this guide when we know for sure, but enjoy a photo of the item below in the meantime:

How to Craft Golden Slingshot

Once you have unlocked the Golden Slingshot crafting recipe, it can be crafted using the following materials at any workbench:

  • 1 Gold Nugget
  • 1 Slingshot

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what’s the point in having the best tools if they are to break in the end thats just stupid

Raymond Peterson

Nothing lasts forever. If you’ve played Minecraft, Diamond tools “best tools” lose durability too.


Lol this isnt minecraft its a whole different game


Your argument isn’t valid because this isn’t Minecraft. It’s a series where every other entry’s golden tools do not break. I’m guessing DLC will be coming to introduce diamond gems/nuggets to make unbreakable diamond tools


If youre that mad that golden tools break now, then you should be just as mad that they got rid of basic tools that last forever like the shovel/rod/net. Golden tools previously were just astetic except for the axe and until recently the watering can; with its multiple watering spots in New Leaf. Golden tools have more of a “rare” feel about them now because you cant hold on to them forever. If youre so upset about them breaking then make one and never use it. The golden ingot is rare to find but that doesnt mean its impossible to… Read more »


nobody said the game was Minecraft, he’s using Minecraft as an example, not a comparison. what he’s trying to say is that even if you have the best stuff in the game, nothing lasts forever and it will break eventually.


How to craft a gold slingshot
1 watering can
Lol okay


Wow Gold tools break??? Who messed this up?


you did


I hope they change that…………….. don’t wanna waste my gold nuggets if the tools are gonna break eventually……….


Then just don’t use your gold nugget on a tool, It’s that simple.


They probably last WAY longer than the regular tools so it’s still worth it. It’s not like gold is that hard to come by.


Honestly that’s a rip off…yah we can all tell you aren’t trying to be like the old games but come on…I’d say gold lasts longer than my lifetime so in a sense it’s “forever” to me. The gold tools should be unbreakable like always…the gold nuggets are too rare to find already for them to be breaking..even if it does take awhile to break…I’ll guarantee that your gold tool will break before you find ONE MORE GOLD NUGGET! Lmfao smdh


Although, I am disappointed that they made it so that they’re breakable, I’m sure it takes forever to break them nevertheless. I’ve found plenty of gold nuggets on other islands and it hasn’t been too difficult so I don’t really mind that they break.


They actually break pretty quick. I’m on my second watering can and I just got I think yesterday.


My plan was to get these as quickly as possible as I though it would be obvious them being unbreakable. This is a huge letdown.


Golden Slingshot Recipe is by chance from shooting a balloon down. Friend of mine got it in our discord call and showed us the slingshot.


The fact that these can break is literally the stupidest thing ever. What’s the damn point of them then. Work hard to get them and they break?

Rikku Pendragon

I don’t mind if the golden tools break. The iron tools last a decent amount of time so I would imagine the golden tools last a long time. Golden nuggets aren’t that rare either, I get at least one per island or every other island. It adds to the realism that even the best tools don’t last forever. I don’t know why people are so upset, it’s not that big of a deal. I just carry a crafting station and some mats with me around my island so I don’t have to keep running to my house to craft another… Read more »


Just had to make my second golden watering can. They don’t last long at all. What a slap in the face.


This is so fucking stupid, I can’t even believe it. I was “”””””””””fine”””””””””” with the breakable tools as long as there was eventually something unbreakable, but at this point, I’m just annoyed. I don’t like having to run home and re-craft shit constantly because my 6th tool broke today, and I don’t want to be stuck carrying around a workbench and a bunch of mats just to re-craft either. Nevermind how tedious the crafting interface is (why do I have to watch an animation every time I craft? why do I have to craft items in a row if I… Read more »

who cares

You’re a week into this game and you’re already complaining that a golden tool breaks?
If you’re anywhere near a golden tool, you most likely are already time traveling, which isn’t how the game was designed.
If you don’t like the pace of the game, and you don’t like the durability of the items, pick a different game.


I’ve been complaining since day 1 that tools breaks, but was alright with the knowledge that, hey, at some point I may get an ubreakable tool. The fact that even the later golden tools also break is annoying. This isn’t “realism” like some people (not saying you specifically) mention, it’s just tedium and actually breaks the relaxing pacing when I’m doing some island chores or fishing or whatever. Having to constantly make more tools or carry around a solid row of my inventory of tool doubles is just irritating; this isn’t something like Breath of the Wild where breakage leads… Read more »


Just let people play how they want. Time Travelling may not be for you, but some other people get more fun out of a game when they can play more of it. If I can’t play for the next 3 days, but an important event is during that time, you bet I’m gonna skip to make sure I get that event. If I feel like completing the Critterpedia in a short amount of time, I’m gonna do it if I want to.

Jarret's Mom


John Doe

Lmao so many entitled little children in here crying because they break. Half ok f them cheated to get to that point anyway. “Wah, I have to make new tools sometimes! It takes away from my demand of having instant gratification! Waaaaah!”


It’s ironic because you’re even more whiny than the people who want them to last forever and they have a point. It takes a huge investment of time to get the golden tools in the first place, especially if you don’t plan on cheating. Why would I put in the trouble of unlocking them and wasting my time only to have them break again and again? Nobody likes crafting tools over and over and over because it’s just a chore, it breaks the pace of the game and adds nothing to it. Like maybe in the early game it was… Read more »


The game has only been out for a week, so I have a feeling that if their are unbreakable weapons we don’t know yet, even if people have been time traveling (unless it says golden tools are the highest level of tools in a guide or something)


this is frustrating. once I catch EVERY fish I can get the golden rod. once I have got EVERY bug for the net? no point in having them after that it feels like.

John Dae

That is how the net and rod has always unlocked gold level.

Brett's Mom

This is always how the animal crossing games rewarded the golden rod/net. The point of having them is for the aesthetic. Get with the times son.


I’m upset that they break, they take so long to earn and I feel like there is no point to get it anymore, In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the slingshot has a totally different design and looks pretty cool, while in this one, they are just reskins of the base tools. I feel that this entry to the animal crossing franchise has added a lot of things that really improve gameplay, but the golden tools are lacking, they dont look cool or special, they break (and from what I’ve heard, they break quickly too) and overall, I feel that there… Read more »


why bother with the net or fishing rod if you’ve already caught everything.? The only ones that make
sense are the shovel and water can but even those are laborious to grab


Why bother with the net or rod if you’ve caught everything that seems dumb. the only ones worthwhile are can and shovel


Thanks to the 1.1.3 update (fixes bug where balloons stop spawning at 300), it is now possible to actually acquire the gold slingshot recipe. You must shoot down 300 balloons first, then after that there will be the chance to spawn a gold balloon. Shooting that will drop the gold slingshot recipe. If you miss it, pop a few more and it will respawn. I have yet to test if it shoots three pellets like before, or just one.


Can confirm!

It seems to shoot only one pellet.


We received the DIY for a golden slingshot from a gold colored balloon after popping our 300th balloon.

James O

I recently got the diy recipe for the golden slingshot from a golden balloon that floated over my island
I don’t know if there are requirements to have that float by


Remember when you could “plant” a tool in a golden money hole add get a golden tool?