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How To Get, Unlock, and Craft Pitfall Seeds

Pitfall Seeds are a fun item for messing around with friends and villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! Learn to unlock the crafting recipe for them and how to craft some yourself in this guide.

What Are Pitfall Seeds?

Pitfall Seeds don’t really serve any practical purpose in Animal Crossing: New Horizons besides wrecking havoc, but they sure can be fun! If you bury a pitfall seed in the ground with your shovel, it will appear with an unsuspecting ‘X’ just like any other buried item.

The fun part is that when any player or villager walks over the buried pitfall seed, they’ll instantly fall into the ground and find themselves stuck in a hole for a short period of time!

While your ‘friend’ or villager is stuck in the hole, they’ll frantically flail their arms around as you laugh in their face at their misfortune. Er, maybe that’s just us? It’s up to you how you want to use the pitfall seeds, but they’re sure a lot of fun!

How to Get Pitfall Seed DIY Crafting Recipe

Like many other items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the Pitfall Seed is primarily obtained by crafting at a workbench. You’ll need to acquire the crafting recipe to do so, which can be found through the usual random methods like balloons in the sky or bottles on the beach.

However, there is an additional and very helpful method to unlock the pitfall seed besides getting lucky and finding the DIY recipe! If you dig up a pitfall seed using your shovel before a victim falls in and activates it, your character will discover the crafting recipe.

So if you have a friend who already owns the recipe, then you can simply ask them to plant one for you and dig it back up yourself to unlock the Pitfall Seed in your DIY Recipes! Of course, they might want to prank you first…

We’ve also heard that the Pitfall Seed can appear buried in the ground randomly on islands, just like in past Animal Crossing games, at a very rare rate. But we haven’t personally witnessed this ourselves yet.

How to Craft Pitfall Seeds

Unfortunately for your unsuspecting future victims, the crafting recipe for creating Pitfalls Seeds is pretty simple and easy! Or fortunately? Depends on your feelings on pitfalls…

Here’s what you’ll need to craft a Pitfall Seed in Animal Crossing: New Horizons:

  • 4 Clumps of Weeds
  • 6 Tree Branches

You can shake infinite Tree Branches from any tree, and gather Clumps of Weeds from mystery islands if you are out of them on your home island.

Get Nook Miles from Pitfall Seeds

As a fun extra bonus, you can actually unlock some handy Nook Miles using Pitfall Seeds thanks to two separate rewards related to them!

The first time you fall into a pitfall hole, you’ll earn the Overcoming Pitfalls reward for 300 Nook Miles and the ‘Trapped’ + ‘Reckless One’ title keywords.

The first time that you bury your own pitfall seed, you’ll earn the Pit-y Party reward for 300 Nook Miles and the ‘Wild Child’ + ‘Troublemaker’ title keywords.

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Ok that’s cool


Matthew Parker

I got it as a gift from one of my villagers. She gave it to me to “cement our friendship,” >_<


that villager is going to murder you .


It kills me that they have a sign with Tortimer next to it. 10/10


I saw that and thought, “that’s so dark!”


What a dumb decision


Do you still lose items when you fall into them?

Red Will B

From personal testing, I haven’t lost anything from falling into them.

Euler Alert

Which game did this happen in? I don’t remember this ever being the case.


I remember pitfalls in new leaf


That explains the hole I fell in on a mystery island. Too bad I didn’t dig first


that happened to me to I did not even know what pitfalls were back then hahahahahahahahaha


I want a pitfall seed so bad


You can probably find them on nookazon