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How To Get & Use Rusted Parts (Gulliver & Robot Hero)

The first time you will ever come across the Rusted Part item is probably when checking out the Recycling Bin inside of Resident Services, but what is this item and where did it come from? And more importantly, what can it be used for?

How to Get Rusted Parts

While nothing in-game says so, we are fairly certain that the Rusted Parts show up in the Recycling Bin the day after you help out Gulliver washed up ashore on your beach. If you had a similar experience in timing, please help us confirm in the comments below.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to force Gulliver to appear on your island, but he seems to show up pretty often and as frequently as a few times per week. So if you’re after Rusted Parts, be sure to check around your entire beach shoreline every single day for Gulliver.

Then after you’ve assisted him with his NookPhone troubles by digging up Communicator Parts on the beach, look out for a Rusted Part item in your island’s Recycling Bin inside of Resident Services the next morning.

There are no other ways to find or obtain Rusted Parts items at this time that we are aware of.

What to Use Rusted Parts For

Rusted Parts are a crafting material that can be used for crafting some pretty special items towards the late-game of Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

At this time, we are aware of one D.I.Y crafting recipe that uses the Rusted Part material as an ingredient.

Craft Robot Hero with Rusted Parts

The Robot Hero crafting recipe can be unlocked by redeeming 5000 Nook Miles at the Nook Stop terminal. The following materials are required to craft one:

  • 30 Rusted Parts
  • 90 Iron Nuggets
  • 10 Gold Nuggets
  • 1 Gold Armor
  • 1 Rocket

As you can see, you will need a whopping 30 Rusted Parts among other materials to complete crafting the Robot Hero furniture item! If our guesses are correct, that means you’ll need to find and help Gulliver thirty different times to get what you need.

Of course, it’s worth remembering that trading with friends is always an option. You might be able to get a friend to trade you their Rusted Parts for Bells or other items if they’re not interested in the Robot Hero.

Suffice to say, you should definitely hang onto your Rusted Parts that you come across, either for your own personal uses later or for trading to someone who needs them. They’re certainly valuable!

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i got one the day after

Whirely Smirley

I also got one the day after


Also got one day after Gulliver


i dug one up from the beach after helping him the first time, and found one in recycling the day after helping him the second. i think digging them is random


Gulliver has shown up in my town three times and I have found one in my recycle bin every time so far


If you don’t give any of the parts you find to Gulliver is it possible that all the parts become rusted? Like the turnips going bad.

Big Sëxy

Just tested and yes, not giving him the parts nets you rusted parts. To be fair, I skipped forward 7 years so I dont know if you get it the next day. Could only get 5 rusted parts though…

RIchard Phist

Got Gulliver two days in a row. Both times, a rusted part showed up in the recycle bin the following day. I really hope there’s more you can do with these that we don’t know about yet. As of right now, the parts are just collecting dust in my storage and taking up space.


You can get rusted parts if you don’t return the parts to gulliver after finding them

Shawn Hamilton

Confirmed both not giving him his parts turns them into rusted parts the next day… AND that theres always one in the recycling bin the next day.


I’m so confused, Gulliver came to my town and I “fixed” his phone by collecting the parts, and then I see a rusted part today. I’m confused because I helped him. Please give me an explanation.


No worries. You’ve got it completely correct. What happens is, you find Gulliver, wake him up and agree to help him, dig up the five “communicator parts” scattered on your island’s beaches, and return them to him. He’ll just hang around for the rest of the day. Then, the day after that, you can go to the recycling bin in Tom Nook’s tent, and in addition to whatever other random stuff is in there that day, there will be a single “rusted part” item that you can claim. Just take it and hold onto it, or put it into your… Read more »


I have found rusted parts after using the cleaning service of the island designer…


reneigh is the hottest fucking horse you will ever meet


I’ve dug up a rusted part from the sand, it’s only happened once and it was while I was looking for communicator parts so maybe that’s another way to get another rusted party.