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Harvey’s Island Shopping Plaza (Unlock All Shops)

Harvey’s Island Shopping Plaza is a brand new area where you can build new shops for your favorite special characters in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! Learn where to access the shopping plaza, how to build shops, and who can set up shop in the plaza in this guide.

Newly introduced in the massive Version 2.0 Update released on November 3rd, you’ll need to have your copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons fully updated to experience the expanded shopping plaza of Harvey’s Island.

How To Visit Harvey’s Island Shopping Plaza

The Shopping Plaza is a new expanded section of Harvey’s Island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons where various special characters can build new permanent shops with your help! Then you can enjoy the services of these characters like Saharah or Jolly Redd on a more frequent basis, rather than just hoping they visit your island.

To access the new Shopping Plaza just head over to Harvey’s Island by entering the Airport on your island, talking to Orville at the counter, and selecting the ‘Visit Harv’s Island’ option! Once on the island, simply walk up to the top right past the Photopia studio building.

If you haven’t unlocked Harvey’s Island already, you can do so by finding him randomly wandering your island after progressing far enough- in the game’s opening tutorial to place your first 3 house plots.

How To Unlock New Shops At Harvey’s Shopping Plaza

When you visit the Shopping Plaza at Harvey’s Island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the first time, you’ll be greeted by Harvey and his old time pal Harriet — also known as Shampoodle! While the campground will be quite bare to start, you can begin to slowly expand the plaza with new shops and characters.

Expanding Harvey’s Shopping Plaza with new characters is as simple as browsing the various Lloid Gyroids set around the campground! Just talk to a Gyroid and they’ll tell you about what special character’s shop can be built in their location, such as “a merchant offering mysterious rugs and wallpapers”.

After picking out a Gyroid that’s describing a future shop or special character you desire, you just need to contribute a donation of Bells to that shop’s fund to complete construction!

Each shop requires a donation of 100,000 Bells each, which is surprisingly reasonable. You might not even need to spend the full 100,000 Bells either as sometimes your villagers will help out by contributing their own (very small) funds.

All Shops & Special Characters At Harvey’s Shopping Plaza

There are eight different special characters and shops can be enjoyed at Harvey’s Shopping Plaza in Animal Crossing: New Horizons with enough bells and time!

You can consult the screenshots in this guide below and match them up to your campground layout for help determining what each Gyroid will build.

Saharah: Buy Rugs, Carpets, Wallpaper

Buy new rugs, carpets, and wallpapers for your home at Saharah’s caravan within Harvey’s Shopping Plaza! This will allow you permanent access to Saharah’s wares, rather than waiting for her as visitor to your island.

Kicks: Buy Shoes & Accessories

Purchase new shoes, socks, and accessories for your character to dress up at Kicks’ caravan within Harvey’s Shopping Plaza! This will allow you permanent access to Kicks’ wares, rather than waiting for him to visit your island.

Jolly Redd: Buy Paintings & Statues

Inspect new paintings and statues for your island’s Museum Art collection at Jolly Redd’s caravan within Harvey’s Shopping Plaza! This will grant you permanent access to Redd’s wares allowing you to potentially complete your collection sooner.

It doesn’t appear that Jolly Redd sells furniture variations on Harvey’s Island like he does on his Treasure Trawler when visiting your island.

Leif: Buy Bushes, Flowers, Vegetables

Buy new bushes, flowers, and vegetables to grow on your island at Leif’s caravan within Harvey’s Shopping Plaza! This will allow you permanent access to Leif’s landscaping goods making island projects easier to construct.

Leif has a new weeding service as well that can help clean your island of weeds for a hefty fee of 100,000 Bells. All of the weeds he picks up will go straight into your Recycle Bin.

Reese & Cyrus: Customize Furniture

Customize new types of furniture that you couldn’t previously customize into different variations at Reese & Cyrus’ workshop within Harvey’s Shopping Plaza! This should allow you to the change the color of items purchased from Nook’s Cranny that used to be locked.

Katrina: Get Fortunes

Returning as a new character in the Version 2.0 Update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can receive a daily fortune read by Katrina at her fortune shop within Harvey’s Shopping Plaza!

Tortimer: Storage

Despite rumors of his potential passing, Tortimer can help you in Version 2.0 with any storage needs while visiting Harvey’s Shopping Plaza! Using his services, you can access your full house storage from the main island.

Harriet: Learn Hairstyles

Learn completely new hairstyles by sitting in the chair at Harriet’s makeshift hair salon within Harvey’s Shopping Plaza!

Unlike the rest of the characters and shops, you don’t actually need to spend any Bells to unlock Harriet’s salon area. She’ll appear next to the campfire starting on the second day after meeting her.

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