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Brewster’s Coffee Item Rewards At The Roost (Brewstoid)

Brewster offers a unique set of special rewards exclusively in Animal Crossing’s The Roost after purchasing enough cups of coffee from him! Learn about all of the available prizes from The Roost in this guide.

Newly introduced in the massive Version 2.0 Update released on November 3rd, you’ll need to have your copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons fully updated to experience The Roost.

How To Unlock Brewster’s Rewards

Encouraging repeat visits to The Roost café, Brewster will slowly become friendlier with you each day that you pick up a cup of coffee from him. In fact, you’ll even get some special item prizes from him as a reward after enough coffee visits!

Note that purchasing multiple cups of coffee per ay from Brewster won’t get you any closer to his prizes — your visit only counts once per in-game day.

In addition to physical prizes, you’ll notice that the general attitude of Brewster including his greetings will change and become warmer to you as more coffee is consumed.

Brewster’s Coffee Item Rewards

There are seven different rewards you can unlock by visiting Brewster at The Roost café each day and enjoying a cup of coffee with him!

Roost Sablé Cookie

Unlocked as a DIY Recipe from Brewster after purchasing 5 cups of coffee, the Roost Sablé Cookie is an exclusive Sweet food item can be cooked with 1 Flour and 2 Sugar.

Coffee Beans

Given to you by Brewster after purchasing 10 cups of coffee, the Coffee Beans are an exclusive furniture item with five variations of Original Blend, Mocha, Kilimanjaro, Blue Mountain, and Decaf.

Cup With Saucer

Given to you by Brewster after purchasing 15 cups of coffee, the Cup With Saucer is an exclusibe furniture item featuring an icon of Brewster on the side.

Coffee Plant

Given to you by Brewster after purchasing 20 cups of coffee, the Coffee Plant is an exclusive furniture item.


Given to you by Brewster after purchasing 30 cups of coffee, the Siphon is an exclusive furniture item that is used to brew coffee beans in the real world.

Pro Coffee Grinder

Given to you by Brewster after purchasing 40 cups of coffee, the Pro Coffee Grinder is an exclusive furniture item resembling an advanced machine.


Given to you by Brewster after purchasing 50 cups of coffee, the Brewstoid is an exclusive furniture item resembling the man himself in Gyroid form! This is Brewster’s most special prize only for his best customers.

Special thanks to asteriation for datamined information used in this article.

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