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How To Use Mario Warp Pipes: Teleport Mechanics & Restrictions

Warp Pipes are a special item that allows you to teleport around an island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! (ACNH) Learn the best ways to use Warp Pipes and their limitations in this guide.

This item is new content introduced in the Version 1.8 February Mario Update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons and requires a fully updated game to experience. Learn more about everything in the update here.

How To Get Warp Pipes

The special Warp Pipe furniture item can be ordered from Nook Shopping in the Special Goods section under a Promotion tab, alongside other Super Mario furniture and clothing items. It costs 5,000 Bells and you’ll want to purchase at least two Pipe items.

If you don’t see Super Mario items for sale, confirm that you are on Version 1.8.0a or later in the title screen and follow our unlock guide here.

How To Use Warp Pipes For Teleporting

Unlike most furniture items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the Warp Pipe item comes with special feature that allows you to teleport or fast travel across your island between two different Pipes!

Using Warp Pipes to teleport around your island is super easy. Just place two different Pipe items on the ground and jump inside one. Your character will then magically teleport to the other pipe and jump out!

If you only have a single Pipe placed on the island, your character will simply jump back out of the same pipe as two are obviously required for teleportation.

Place More Than 2 Warp Pipes For Random Teleports

The amount of Pipes you can place around your island isn’t capped at two — you can actually place as many as you want with no limit as far as we can tell!

But what happens when you have three or more Warp Pipes? Which pipe will you emerge from when teleporting? When there are more than two Warp Pipes placed, the warp destinations when teleporting becomes randomly determined by the game.

Unfortunately, there is no way to control where a Warp Pipe will send you when you have more than two placed on your island. So make sure you only have two Pipes if you want consistent teleportation between two locations!

Warp Pipe Teleport Works In Your House

Not only can you place a Warp Pipe anywhere outdoors on your island, pipes can be added to your house’s interior too and not simply as decorative furniture.

When a Pipe is placed inside a player’s house, it will function as a working Warp Pipe including all teleportation features. That means you can actually teleport in and out of your house using Pipes!

Warp Pipe Teleport Works Online With Friends

Unlike some features that can find themselves disabled in online play, like moving around furniture, the Warp Pipes and their teleportation powers work perfectly fine in multiplayer with other players.

Warp Pipe Restrictions & Limitations

While the Warp Pipe feature in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is great in many ways, there are a few unfortunate limitations and restrictions to be aware of when using pipes.

No Pipe Color Customizations

Sadly, the Pipe item cannot be customized into any color or other variations! That means you’re stuck with the traditional green colored design for your Warp Pipes, even if they don’t fit into your island’s theme or layout very well.

Can’t Teleport In & Out Of Villager Houses

Although you can gift Pipe items to villagers and they will display the Pipe in their house as a piece of furniture, the teleport Warp Pipe functionality doesn’t work properly. This isn’t surprising given all of the possible problems it would create, but it’s still disappointing.

Your character can jump inside the villager’s Pipe, but you’ll simply jump right back out instead of being transported to another Warp Pipe on your island!

Open Space Required For Teleports

When you jump out of a Warp Pipe, at least one empty space without obstructions must be available in the eight tiles surrounding the Pipe item. If there is no empty space, the Pipe will not be valid as a possible warp destination and cannot function.

Can’t Teleport To Secret 4th Cliff Glitch

We’re a big fan of the famous glitch that allows you to access 4th cliff level areas of your island, but unfortunately, it’s not possible to use Warp Pipes to teleport up onto this secret level.

For more details, check out our Climb The 4th Level Cliff Glitch In Animal Crossing: New Horizons guide from last year.

Warp Pipe Ideas & Best Uses

Wondering what the best ways to make use of Warp Pipes on your island are? We’ve written an entire separate article here with eight of the best ideas for how to use Warp Pipes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

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